Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What's That You Say?

What's That You Say?
Here's the headline from an article that appeared in yesterday's Chicago Tribune:

Alleged bomber cites war for role in attacks

Excuse me, Iraq is now in transition in Jordan? How did that work out?
Well the real crux of the story is that the four suicide bombers wanted revenge for their family members who were killed in the battle of Fallujah.

So in this we see how twisted, evil, and mostly illogical our enemy is. These idiots want revenge against the US for it's role in Iraq so they travel to Jordan to blow up a bunch of innocent wedding attendee's who just happen to Palestinian Muslims. Nice. They also killed four Palestinian Authority officials, notably Bashir Nafeh, head of military intelligence on the West Bank.

So who takes the credit for this bombing? None other than Abu Musab al-Zarqawi the head of al-Qaeda in Iraq, who is himself, a Jordanian. Who sites as one of the reasons for his terrorist actions the treatment of Palestinians in Isreal.

Well now it all makes perfect sense to me.


Tiny said...

Another great press headline isn't it...the headline should have been "the enemy within" or "al-Zarqawi targets his own", but the press has no grasp of reality or the balls to call it like it is! Afterall that would demonize those we battle and that might just make the war appear to have a touch of validity!

Tiny said...

Ah, see this is why I like the WSJ so much "Zarqawi, a Jordanian export to Iraq, now wreaks havoc in the land of his birth."