Wednesday, November 02, 2005

French inaction!

You gotta love the French...after six nights of riots in largely Muslim north African immigrant communities in the north-east suburbs of Paris the government officials are having a meeting (French Hold Crisis Talks On Riots)! And there is no report of details coming out of the meeting! Could you imagine this going on for 6 nights in even the most screwed up city in the US? Not much in the way of criticism for the lack of action or resolution to this on the part of the French though. Well, except this little bit "Unemployment and social problems are rife in many of France's poorer suburban areas. "...oh my, you mean everyone in France isn't eating foie gras washed down with a nice burgandy?


Splash Two said...

Dude, foie gras is just wrong! I'm no PETA freak but that's really going over the line. (BTW did Scott send you the Ratman video?)

Anyway, I think Colorado is the new Europe. Seeing as the a majority of idiot citizens of that state just voted to NOT receive their tax refunds and instead allow the state government to keep the 3.7 Billion.

Do liberals ever take basic economic courses?

Tiny said...

Hey Marty...ya Scott sent me that video...the guy (calling him a guy is wrong) screamed like a 12 yr old girl. Saw that about Colorado...doh!