Thursday, November 10, 2005

French acquiescence

While I was encouraged when I heard France was going to immediately deport what the press calls "detained" people involved in the violence and destruction. But, that all changed when France suspended eight officers for what is very likely just tough and proper on the street, in the middle of a riot, police handling of thugs participating...oh, oops...I mean the beating of a "young man" in Paris.

Side note....the F'ing press takes illegals involved in burning cars and buildings and potentially put people in danger who have been arrested and call them "detained" people! They take an adult who is on the street, in the middle of the riot, probably resisting or throwing something at the police who is taken into custody by force....and call is "the beating of a young man". And note how the press says the "unrest eases"! Are you kidding me....482 cars burned compared to 617 the previous night is an easing? If this was happening in the US there's is zero chances that would be given a label that sounded like progress.

This feels to me like Spain's acquiescence to the terrorist train bombings!

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