Friday, November 04, 2005

Non-Stories, Wrong Focus

Pretty Much Any Story On Alito's Rulings as a judge! Go check them for yourself on FindLaw, I did! The fact of the matter is you'll be hard pressed to find any personal bias in his rulings. He applies the law fairly even when it might not align with his own feelings and has done a great job keeping States rights as opposed to Federal control in check...and he has done so even when higher courts including SCOTUS have not. Most stories on Alito will say he voted for against some polarizing topic (like abortion), but in fact he voted for or against the right of a state to legislate something or the validity of a law they already put in place. You will also see stories that he was overturned on this or that ruling by a higher court or SCOTUS. Yep, and guess what all the judges on those courts who were in the minority on those decisions voted wtih Alito.

Bush's Approval Rating: Who cares? How does it matter? If I was polled I would say I'm not satisfied with the job he's doing too...doesn't mean I'm suddenly a Democrat or would vote that way in any election!

Ex-FEMA Chief's Emails: Give me a break!..this guy maybe (maybe since I don't know) shouldn't have had that job but are you going to tell me that everyone on the planet who uses email daily won't have joking and sarcastic emails during a crisis? And are you also going to tell me that every single member of the press or Dem politicians who appear on TV doesn't worry about or spend time on how they look...WHO CARES!!!!!

Google Founders Buy A Jet!: Good for them...Why is this a story deserving WSJ or Drudgereport front and center status? If me and my pal were worth $20B combined we would own an F'ing fleet of aircraft, the story should be why don't these guys buy more stuff!

Andy Rooney says nothing wrong with the word negro this morning on the Imus radio show. He also said he had a problem using African American and that there was nothing wrong with the word negro. Well I have to agree. The United Negro College Fund still uses it. Some don't like my use of the word black. Well I will refrain from both words when the United Negro College Fund and the Congressional Black Caucus stop using them. What we call people who are black is made even more a joke by how many blacks use every supposed racial slur and stereotype when they address each other...sorry, ok for us but not for you doesn't fly. Further bringing down the black position of what's right and wrong is the "sambo", "uncle tom" and Oreo cookie pelting of the black Maryland Lt. Gov Micheal Steele who is running for Senate. This hypocritical behaivor by other blacks which is again hardly covered by the MSM and not emphatically denounced by the Democratic party's is telling.

Royals Visit to the US: Yawn...have you listened to Charles? The dude is wack!

Valerie Plame: At least the story focus is wrong..should be her, her husband and the inappropriate use of her husband by the CIA to do anything remotely like intelligence work and then his talking about it.

CIA secret jails: Again wrong focus...if they exist we should applaud it then the story should be to nail the asses who leaked it.

Riots in Paris: Hardly covered for the first week of nightly riots...gee not really much of a story eh? Sounds like a few thousands cars have been torched...don't know how many buildings or how many people hurt....but look thru the coverage and see how hard it is to find that those being bad are MUSLIM!!!!!!

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