Friday, April 22, 2005

AND YET more liberal hypocrisy

My buddy MT got me going with two recent examples of democrat liberal hypocrisy. This is so common place among the liberasl that it is, I'm sure, unrecognizable to them just how blatent their hypocrisy is. Tom DeLay's ethics committee approved trips that are now supposedly of concern is more than likely a pandora's box....if we examine the trips and favors of every senator (both sides of the isle) plenty will appear inappropriately gifted. Pelosi is quick to judge others but not be judged herself. Then there is PBS where the Repulican administration is putting in friendly's as executives as contracts expire....just like the Dems would....and yet "It's almost like a right-wing coup. It appears to be orchestrated." says an FCC official. It's ok when the entire management of a group is clearly liberal but its not ok when some conservatives get inserted. When anything is fully liberal everything is just fine, when you move that needle even a bit and suddenly it's a conspiracy, an orchestrated coup, and so on...what a joke.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A real "die in" invite to Ohio U. Students

No surprise that our naive and easily brainwashed youth of our Universities partake in moronic and often socialistic protests and events which are undoubtedly advocated by some faculty stuck in the academic philosophical time warp. And so it's nice to see examples of young people who even without the experience of life (work, marriage, kids, mortgages, taxes, voting, business ventures, philanthropy, illness, death, pain, joy, etc.) who have a more seasoned perspective. Today's example is Marc Fencil who is a senior at Ohio University that has yet to finish as he is serving in Iraq. Marc wrote a letter to the editor of the Ohio University paper in response to his misguided fellow students "die in" done in protest of Iraq or maybe any old place we send our military...Great job Marc!

It's Cat Hunting Time!

I'm not an animal lover, in fact I guess I pretty much find all house pets dirty and a pain the ass. I have animal lovers all around me. Family and neighbors who put their pets comfort ahead of their own and mine too! I'll admit I'm a selfish person...I think my comfort should come before the dog, cat or other non-human! So when you add my anti-pet attitude to the fact that my corner lot is a popular toilet for local cats and dogs being walked by their owners and you have one pissed off man with weapons. I'm amazed at the overly liberal silicon valley neighbors I have who walk their dogs without bags to pick up those stinky logs they deposit....and even for those who do take care of the solid waste why the hell do they think its ok for their dog to urinate in my ivy? I have thought about just sitting out front and each time I see either offense against my very nice yard to demand the dog owner give me their address so I can go relieve myself on their lawn. Could you imagine the outrage? Even likely police action if I was to go squat and do my business on someone's front lawn! So why is ok for your animals??????? Don't bother answering, there is no good answer except to start allowing me to shoot your cat or dog should it enter my property let alone secrete waste of any kind in my yard!

Gay Republican?

Another example of how Democrat power brokers don't get it!

Remember What You Have!

Reading a story this morning in the WSJ written by a National Guard staff sergant who has returned from Iraq I got choked up. I don't know if it's because it made me think of my kids and how much they mean to me, or if it's the immense pride and respect I have for our men and women who serve our country....but it's a good reminder to remember and be thankful for what we have.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Illegal Aliens to take drivers ed and buy auto insurance!

Don't hold your breath on that ever happening...of course that's what Cal Sen. Gil Cedillo (dem) wants you to believe as he has re-introduced SB 60 to once again try and get California drivers licenses for Illegal Aliens. Gil, and supporters of illegal immigration, want you to think that if we give an illegal a license they will take the time, and pay for, drivers education and will also pay for auto insurance....crack smoking abounds! What I also understand, but admit I didn't read the entire bill just the summary, is that it would provide for a free get out of jail card (effectively) for an illegal who was in an accident but didn't have insurance.

All of this legislation aimed at giving special treatment to illegals at the state and federal levels (social security) completely undermines enforcement of our immigration laws not to mention being truly insulting to the law abiding legal immigrants and citizens. A young say 18 to 20 year old citizen could have his life turned upside down if they were in an accident and had no insurance, and infinitely worse if someone was injured....but an illegal (if these illegal lovers get their way) would end up wiping their hands of the situation.

We need to support LEGAL immigration and equal treatment for all here legally....if your here illegally you should be held accountable just the same AND then deported.

Why is it that all these illegal friendly politicians and groups don't lobby for ways to make these illegals legal? Instead they like keeping them that way and giving them special privileges and treatment...WHY IS THAT?

Hypocrisy Defined

Come on! Lets say the House Minority Leader is an outspoken Republican who often throws harsh and non-cooperative barbs at the Democrats in the House. No Imagine it comes out that this Republican is apparently horse trading government funding for campaign donations and favors of one type or another for friends! HUGE headlines, every paper and media outlet jumps on the story....tough questions are asked on each news broadcast, the political talking heads at all the networks have on guests to talk about the impropriety of the House Minority Leader's actions. Calls come out from the other side for resignation, investigations by the House ethics committee, blah, blah.

Ok, now say this is in fact all true except that the House Minority Leader is in fact Nancy Pelosi who seems to have had some dubious dealings with a PAC! So where is outrage? Amazing!!!!!

John Paul II

I have been pleasantly surprised by the coverage and praise for the Pope's life and accomplishments. John Paul was an amazing man and had a Reagan like ability to communicate with anybody or group, even if there was an ideological divide. While I know the Pope is clearly the spiritual figure head of the Catholic church I have wondered if others in the Vatican pull the strings. It's clear the Pope isn't really the chief executive of the church's business affairs so its easy to imagine secrete societies and powerful figures in the church that the public isn't aware of. If speculation and conspiracy theories draws attention to the church and the positive aspects of it's ideology than that's great. It surely makes for great books and entertaining movie material. I think the choice for the next Pope could be pivotal to the churches survival.