Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A real "die in" invite to Ohio U. Students

No surprise that our naive and easily brainwashed youth of our Universities partake in moronic and often socialistic protests and events which are undoubtedly advocated by some faculty stuck in the academic philosophical time warp. And so it's nice to see examples of young people who even without the experience of life (work, marriage, kids, mortgages, taxes, voting, business ventures, philanthropy, illness, death, pain, joy, etc.) who have a more seasoned perspective. Today's example is Marc Fencil who is a senior at Ohio University that has yet to finish as he is serving in Iraq. Marc wrote a letter to the editor of the Ohio University paper in response to his misguided fellow students "die in" done in protest of Iraq or maybe any old place we send our military...Great job Marc!

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