Thursday, August 24, 2006

Exclusive: Tom Cruise signs with Scientology Studios

Tiny's has learned that the mysterious, and not believable, $100M hedge fund that will bank roll Tom's movies now that Sumner Redstone booted his ass from Paramount is the recently formed Scientology Studios! That's right, the one headed by the much maligned eccentric studio head Xenu. More on this exclusive story as details come in!

Of course I'm basking in Tom's newest travails (note the word choice) much as I did during the bizarre baby birth episode (Tiny's: Cannibal or PR genius?), or the South Park fun (Tiny's: Cool Cat Scientologist).

So with the recent news that apparently intelligent, lucid and non-believer in 60M year old aliens Sumner Redstone decided to not renew Tom's contract with Paramount my crack staff went to work. Tom's wacky partner (this Wagner women) immediately started spouting off it didn't happen this way, they were going to split with Paramount anyway, blah, blah, blah. Apparently Mrs. Wagner (or is it Ms.?) didn't get the Scientology memo about using any psychological drugs!

It's also interesting how all the Hollywood friendly press is writing how this will backfire, how Redstone stepped on his Paramount studio chiefs, and so on. Hey Hollywood most everyone has a boss including your precious study chiefs. I for one hope Redstone did this primarily because it was the right thing to do given Tom's bizarre and very public beliefs. To a movie studio marquee actors are the product, if you product has a virus what do you do? Continue to sell it even if people will buy, or do you change the product? But it would be refreshing if Redstone actually put values ahead of money. On the other hand it could very well be that Tom and his freaky lady friend wanted to much to renew and Redstone figured since they won't renew with them might as well shoot em on their way out the door...hey, that's business!

Tom, even with being short and an idiot, will land on his feet...but I'll enjoy the negative press surrounding him and Scientology until he does!

Update: Tom raises less than $3M as the supposed $100m hedge fund still hasn't materialized....any bets on if his new investor is a Scientologist?

Monday, August 21, 2006

Global Warming believers cover your eyes!

If you believe in GW then you'll probably dismiss this story, or say it just supports your position. So here it is, you be the judge! A newly released study of 247 of the 350 glaciers on Disko island off Greenland's coast found 173 of those glaciers have been shrinking for the past century "suggesting that the ice melt is not a recent phenomenon caused by global warming".

What I found interesting is that the researches say they studied 95% of the area covered by glaciers on Disko. So wouldn't that mean they should have studied 95% of the 350 glaciers or 315 instead of only 247? If 247 glaciers are on 95% of Disko island that means the remaining 103 glaciers are on just 5% of Disko they didn't cover?

Ok, this would be interesting to know if 173 glaciers on this island have been shrinking for over 100 years what's up with the other 74 in the study holding steady? Guess what, the article says that they also identified that there were more "galloping glaciers" than had been previously estimated....75 of them!

This is getting interesting....173 glaciers are shrinking for 100 years at around 8 meters a year...but the study also found 75 glaciers caled galloping glaciers that have growth spurts of several years (lets say 2) at a rate of 50 meters day..while most of the time growing at 20 meters a year. So 173 glaciers shrunk over 100 years by 800 meters each. But 75 galloping glaciers each grew as much as 36500 meters in the 2 years of galloping growth, and another 1960 meters for the 98 years of normal 20m/yr growth for a whopping 38460 meters of growth!!!!!!

I realize I'm averaging things here, and that all glaciers are not of the same size...but it sure would be interesting to see if the tremendous growth of the 75 growing glaciers balanced, or surpased, the lost ice of the slowly shrinking ones!

Update: It's always interesting to find a study, or a scientist, that refers to something as a certainty that is in fact as of yet unproven theory. Here's an example of your findings not fitting your theory so you claim what you found is caused by the theory. So apparently now global warming is also to blaim for more ice! And note the last quoted sentence of the researcher and how he/she refers to global warming as if it's a certainty.

Living in the victim-hood

Juan Williams is a smart guy. It's interesting when I see a smart person I don't notice their race. Think about a public figure that inspires your immediate thought of their race, or is it the thing that you admire in them? I don't see Juan as black, just a smart guy. Juan has, in a sense, taken the baton from Bill Cosby in saying what's wrong with black America. Juan's new book ENOUGH: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America -- and What We Can Do About It echoes much of what Bill Cosby has been saying for years and taking heat from those who are a major part of the problem. Juan also has a piece in today's WaPo on this culture of failure for blacks.

It's really all very leaders (figures in popular culture, politicians, educators, etc.) could have the biggest and most efficient change to the future for black youths...and yet they seem against it. They largely promote a victim and entitlement message to the black community.

The best training ground for self reliance and responsibility is of course the home, but given the epidemic of broken black families the black leaders can have the biggest effect on the youth. In my childhood I can remember various influences (parents, popular culture, school, my pier group) that lead me to understand my future was up to me. It was a given that you needed to be creative, you needed to work for things, you needed to do things with integrity. I did a lemonade stand on occasion, had a kid's version of a garage sell (the early version of eBay), rebuilt and painted and then sold bicycles, moved up to a paper route, pitted apricots at a local ranch, worked pool maintenance at the local swim club, worked as a stock boy during college and so on. I never assumed that the end goal was to live on some form of assistance. I also never assumed the end goal was to work for someone else. While my father, and most fathers around me, worked for large companies and would retire on company pensions the environment they created for me had a spirit entrepreneurism.

It's clear that spirit is missing from the poor black communities, but worse is that you could argue it has been replaced with the notion of a Cliff Notes shortcut to "making it" is through crime. The messages that permeate black popular culture embrace crime, drugs, disrespect for women, being smart is acting white, big business is bad, the police are evil, everyone else is prejudice, blah, blah.

I have posted on the idea that black leaders get their power from their communities believing they're victims and that their race (and it's baggage) entitle them to something, or everything. If most black fathers stayed married to their children's mothers, if most blacks believed in doing well in school, if most blacks believed in the American dream of working hard and anything is possible, if most black entertainment was smart, civil and uplifting, if most black sports stars were model that world what would the message from the likes of Jessie Jackson, Luis Farrakhan, Julian Bond, Cynthia McKinney and Kanye West be? Are these figures influential in the black community preaching a message that will inspire a black child to do well in school, that they can accomplish anything but that it's up to them?

Academia and journalists in the black community also share blame for sending the wrong message and for taking a stance against those with the right message. Case in point is Peniel E. Joseph, a teacher of African Studies at Stony Brook University, who rebukes the message of Juan's book. Joseph's final message is that William's thinks the civil rights movement had a beginning, middle and an end but that the truth is we are in an "unfinished saga of racial struggle". That's exactly the problem! People like Joseph believe if your black and poor, if your black and a hoodlum, if your black and at the bottom rungs of a job it's because of racism and nothing to do with you.

Hat tip to where I found both WaPo pieces linked above.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Out of order, I'll show you out of order

Here we go! A federal Judge has ruled in favor of an ACLU suit filed on behalf of some journalists, scholars and lawyers who say the NSA surveillance program is unconstitutional (a breaking story from Wizbang). It's nice that these leftists think the possibility of minor infringement of free speech and privacy trumps the lives of what could have been 3,000 or more saved by the break up of the UK airline bombing terrorist plot.

How F'd up are people who think this way? I suspect if the plot in the UK had happened, and 3,000 were killed, and that the authorities came out and said that if they had been allowed to have unfettered realtime monitoring of communications, financial transactions and location surveillance the plot would have been stopped...these same people would still want protection from such access to the extreme. The bar this side of the argument wants for this access is so high (and time consuming) as to require law enforcement to already have enough evidence such that they would no longer need the surveillance.

Let's hope higher courts have a better understanding that this is not a simple issue of regular police work, this is a war.

Update: Well what do you know....our lovely judge is a Jimmy Carter appointee and a known liberal whose politics play a role in her actions on the bench.

Update: WHHHAT? Even the Wapo agrees this was A Judicial Misfire

BUT, the NYTimes would be ok to sacrifice you, your wife, your new baby and say a few thousand of your neighbors to protect the "honey pick up some milk on the way home" phone call. The enemy is among us!

Update: Pretty strong words from the well reasoned Hugh Hewitt, and I agree: "Any vote for any Democrat is a vote against victory and a vote for vulnerability."

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The logo fits!

Jimmy Carter demonstrates (like many others) why a jackass is a perfect logo of the Democratic Party.

That Carter believes Israel is the bad guy in the conflict with Hezbollah, and uses his stature as an ex-US President to express that belief along with what I consider anti-American ballyhoo...well, a jackass is a perfect visual!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Liberal Anti-terrorism feels good

So it has begun. Liberals are foaming that Dubya's lumping together all the terrorists using the label "Islamic fascists". This is type of talk could "inflame anti-Muslim tensions" and this label is "unhelpful under the circumstances".

Puulease! Hey Democrats...this kind of politically correct peacenik attitude will get us killed. The DailyKos (Kos himself helped Lamont win over Lieberman in the CT primary) and most of the sites regular followers have an issue with you calling these wack jobs anything other than just terrorists I guess.

At the police department in DailyKosville all of their wanted posters just describe each suspect as the "terrorist". No physical description for fear of associated an innocent with the guilty. If the ideology of the bad guy is known, it's not disclosed for fear that this would be "unhelpful" or "inflame" bad feelings.

Lot's of FEELING stuff going on in the world run by liberals! If we just change our foreign policy, if we just remove Bush from office these poor confused YOUNG MUSLIM ISLAMIC FASCIST MEN, oops..I mean terrorist. will have their years of brainwashing hatred of westeners vanish....oh, why didn't conservatives think of that. We just need to make these young men with no common physical appearance or common ideology who are terrorists feel good and they will be good.

Update: Read Glock26's comment...great stuff! Plus the WSJ editorial board (whom liberals call a Whitehouse puppets) sums up my sentiments with 'Mass Murder' Foiled A terror plot is exposed by the policies many American liberals oppose. Similar to the point Glock26 makes, the WSJ points out that in the wake of news of the thwarted terror plot:

"Ted Kennedy chimed in that "it is clear that our misguided policies are making America more hated in the world and making the war on terrorism harder to win." Mr. Kennedy somehow overlooked that the foiled plan was nearly identical to the "Bojinka" plot led by Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to blow up airliners over the Pacific Ocean in 1995. Did the Clinton Administration's "misguided policies" invite that plot? And if the Iraq war is a diversion and provocation, just what policies would Senators Reid and Kennedy have us "focus" on?"

Update: 40 more arrested in Italy now....their connection to those in the UK is unclear at the moment but I love how it is reported where the 40 were arrested: "Islamic gathering places". Also from todays' SF Chronicle...I love it.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

MSM love affair with evil

It's too bad we didn't stick some plastic explosive in Mike Wallace's 88 yr old keister and triggered it as he had his love fest interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Wallace's comments on Ahmadinejad:

"He's actually, in a strange way, he's a rather attractive man, very smart, savvy, self-assured, good looking in a strange way," Wallace said. "He's very, very short but he's comfortable in his own skin."
John over at Powerlineblog sums it up nicely

What is this, a Tiger Beat interview? Just once, I wish MSM reporters would adopt the same adversarial attitude toward foreign leaders who are deadly enemies of the United States that they take toward members of the Bush administration.

And yes, as John says, maybe Wallace does draw out and expose the evil of this man, but so far what's come out suggests that's unlikely.

Anybody else for profiling at Airport Security?

With 20+ UK born men, supposedly of Pakistani descent, in custody after their efforts to kill what could have been as many or more than on 9/11 were thwarted maybe more card carrying ACLU types might consider profiling for airport security a good tactic? NOT LIKELY! Because God forbid that we embarrass or inconvenience a nice Arab looking person, instead we do it to 80 yr old white women.

And, hmmmm....guess what else we are sure to find those involved in this UK incident have in common with nearly every other terrorist caught, or known to commit a terrorist act in the last 10-20 years? MUSLIM ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS!

But hey, you liberal Americans just keep listening to people like Michael Moore and vote for people like Lamont and I'm sure we will have nothing to worry about.....ya, because they know that this is only happening because Bush and Co. have made MUSLIM ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS hate us and want to kill us. If we just make France, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Lebanon and every other country just like us everything will be fine. Sure, that will work...normally these people who listen to Islamic preachers about jihad and killing westerners would just ignore such ideas, but we have given them reason to suddenly become killers....we can reverse that with an approach that gets them to like us. Whenever we would like to employ some foreign policy just run it by diplomats from countries like those and if they like it, well then it must be right. Because if those folks don't like it, it must be wrong....we need to start thinking internationally and not nationally. Hold hands, and sing songs...ya, that's it!

Michelle Malkin has a nice timeline on the terrorist plot broken up by Scotland Yard....check out the various links and video at the end.

Update: of course the moonbat leftists are already calling this failed terror plot being made public today all planned by Bush &'s scary how many people really should be on some kind of meds!

Update: Nothing like confirming your blog readers are stupid F'ing morons with a survey that confirms it...these people are nearly as dangerous as the Islamic Fascists! And the dailykos himself helped Lamont beat Lieberman and even appeared in Lamont TV ads.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

You're either with us or with the terrorists

I'm not a great fan of Dubya with the exception of his unwaivering stance on fighting those who want simply to erase us from the planet. Just after 9/11 he said something like you're either with us or you're with the terrorists. It's the same with Israel, you're either on the side of Israel's right to exist, their right to protect its citizens, their right not to have those sworn to kill each and everyone one of them sitting just down the road with weapons...You're either for those things or you're on the side of terrorism, Islamic extremism and Iran. It's truly is that simple.

Israel is not being imperialistic and didn't start this fight. But because media types and liberals (interesting how those two are nearly always ideologically aligned) are completely ignoring or unwilling to accept that Hezbollah:
  1. believes all Israelis should be exterminated
  2. targets innocents (women and children)
  3. started this current conflict by KILLING some Israeli soldiers (not just kidnapping 2) and firing rockets into Israel
  4. is simply an extension of Iran

Because of this they frame Israel as the bad guy in this conflict. They throw out idiotic notions of proportional response. Talk of negotiation and cease fire. What has history shown us with respect to negotiation with Israel and their enemies? Just as a pedophile is born with, and cannot change, their sick desire Hezbollah will not accept the existence of Israel. Just as we would not negotiate with al-Qaeda they should not with Hezbollah.

Those of you who think Israel is being a bully are therefore sympathetic to Hezbollah and must therefore be anti-semites. How else can one explain your disdain for Israel trying to protect its citizens and your complete ignorance of the facts. Israel isn't targeting Lebanese civilians, Hezbollah is putting Lebanese between them and the IDF.

Apparently anti-semites are so blinded by their ideology they can't even recognize when they're supporting evil since good God fearing people when never do that. Oh, I forget those in the media, or are liberal, are not God fearing! :) Case in point, the Huffington post website apparently thinks this video make Israel look bad. While I wish the Israeli spokeswoman would have laid into this bimbo CNN anchor this video shows the common lack of understanding of terrorism, war and Islamic extremism by the media and peace-monger liberals.

No honest look at Israel's military history and actions in this current conflict would label Israel as warmongers. Yet apparently the media, and most liberals, take the position equivalent to the police officer continually asking a sniper to stop picking off people in the streets from the top of building while he continues to do so, and you have him in your sights. Wrong, you put one in his head. Item 4 above is also key given that today Ahmadinejad said "Although the main solution is for the elimination of the Zionist regime, at this stage an immediate cease-fire must be implemented". Too funny....oh sure, drop your weapons and come out, I won't shoot...wink, wink.

Finally, if you're still not on the side of Israel do you still think Jews control the media? Just one more thought....if the drunken anti-semitic rant of one man is so relevant and revealing then so is one self proclaimed American Muslim shooting 6 at the Seattle Jewish Federation.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

They don't want to know

It's apparent that the MSM and many around the world don't what to know the truth about what's going on in Lebanon. The press, and the public, swallow whole what the Islamic terrorists serve them. The bias in the media is clear.....why wouldn't the MSM be taking a closer look at Qana as evidence mounts that things may not be as they first appeared? The area bombed by the IDF in Qana was shown on video to be a site from which rockets were fired into Israel. Israel and others have shown evidence that the house didn't collapse until some 8 hours after the IDF bombing. The Red Cross is reporting the number of dead from that house at half that reported by the Iran/Hezbollah controlled Lebanese officials (see story linked below). Photographs on the Internet showing plain clothed men on truck mounted rocket launchers within residential homes in Lebanon show the tactic to draw fire and make women and children unwilling martyrs.

Note the Lebanese Red Cross volunteer quoted in this story who says "The priority is for the wounded, then we return, as much as we can, to take out the martyrs''. Wouldn't you normally call the women and children pulled from that house as victims?

Then there's this Lebanese terrorist mouthpiece who mentions his regret that the "Qana massacre did not horrify the conscience and did not bring about a UN decision for a ceasefire".

You don't have to look to hard for this look and sound like it was a staged event many hours after the IDF had bombed that area and make Israel look bad, to shock the world and garner support for Hezbollah and maybe coax the inept UN into trying to broker a ceasefire.

I'm not saying it's a certainty that Hezbollah staged the Qana deaths but to ignore its possibility is to shut your eyes to something you wish not to see.

Update (8/2): Nice video blog by M. Malkin that also asks about Qana, check it out. And the MSM still ignores the possibility Qana was staged. As usual you're too stupid (in their mind) to form the right opinion so they will make it for you....just try to find a journalist who will present the entire spectrum, with backup and sources, on ANY story and let you decide what it means.