Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The logo fits!

Jimmy Carter demonstrates (like many others) why a jackass is a perfect logo of the Democratic Party.

That Carter believes Israel is the bad guy in the conflict with Hezbollah, and uses his stature as an ex-US President to express that belief along with what I consider anti-American ballyhoo...well, a jackass is a perfect visual!


caple66wood said...

As a conservative blogger, you prefer namecalling to addressing Carter's points:
(1) A bombing campaign that killed 1,000 civilians is an excessive response to a border raid that captured a couple of soldiers. (Hez rocketing of Israeli cities came after the Israeli bombing, not before it. Israel bombing was in response to the border raid.)
(2) Bush manipulated the American response to 9/11 to justify invsion of Iraq. (Dunno how you can argue with this one, since nobody in Iraq had anything to do with 9/11 and there weren't any WMDs in Iraq.)
(3) Castro is likely to live for a few more years. (Who knows?)

Again: You don't address the truth (or untruth) of Carter's points. You just call names. This is what conservative bloggers do.

Anonymous said...

Carter is right. 1100 Lebanese dead and 150 Israelis. Hezbollah is stronger than ever and Israel will have to negotiate for the release of the soldiers. So what was acheived by all this death and destruction. Now the Neocons are o for 3 in wars. Yet they still want to start two more with Syria and Iran,

Anonymous said...

We all forget that Carter was partially responsible for arming the Afganis to fight Communism and protect oil. He's a farce!

Anonymous said...

Why should a conservative address the truth? He lives by a river called denial, denial that current policies are causing hatred for the US to grow not just in the Middle East but thoughout the entire world, denial that anyone from a culture different than his deserves any dignity, and denial that anyone who disagrees with his might-makes-right foreign policy ideas could possibly be anything except a disloyal commie pinko. It's a terrible statement on the state of the American public to have elected these yahoos not once, but twice.

Tiny said...

You guys crack me up.....ya conservative foreign policy has created hatred of Americans. Because Clinton had more countries involved in Gulf War I that conflict didn't have un-involved Muslim country's like Iran hating us, but because we didn't have France helping us this time now they believe we eat babies and must be exterminated. If only we just meet and talk with them, and always get international agreement everyone will love us and just throw out the idea of Jihad and the evil tenants of Islam...keep smokin the ganja boys.

Pometacom said...

Jeez, Tiny. Bill Clinton had no involvement in the Persian Gulf War. That was George Herbert Walker Bush's war, the president before Bill Clinton. And you mean tenet, not tenants. Tenets are principles. Tenants are people who live in apartment buildings. Would you like to rephrase your response or leave as it is?

You see, Tiny, most people living in other countries who speak and write English as a second or third language can write and spell much better than you. These folks may be reading your site right now.

Shouldn't you run a correction or at least try to be more correct the next time you write so as not to send a message to the world that people from the USA are illiterate?

Just some constructive criticism.

Oh, and remember. Historic accuracy does count. People pay attention to that.

Tiny said...

Yes, I can't spell...I disclose that below my name on my blog.

Yes Bush I got us into the first Gulf war with overwhelming American support.

Clinton threatened military action several times when Saddam attempted to stall UNSCOM inpsections. In late 1998 he ordered 4 days of concentrated air attacks in Iraq. Saddam blocked inspections altogether after that. Clinton continuted air assaults for months after that, he claimed the US was provoked by the Iraqi military because of antiaircraft fire and radar missile lock on US military aircraft.

So, where we all of you when Bush I prosecuted GWI and when Clinton continued military actions in late 1998 and early 1999? Bush I had about 15 countries who provided at least 1000 troops for GWI with the US having 550,000 troops invovled! WOW....imagine that now! Clinton's several months of air action was US only. Maybe it's because those actions were "easy" when compared to the current situation in Iraq where more US military have been lost?

Maybe Bush II should have done what Clinton did and provoke Saddam by flying war planes overhead hoping to draw fire? I think Iraq is a clusterf*** at this point, but we can't just pull out. It's pointless to say Bush lied or misslead everyone to go into Iraq...everyone looked at the same INCORRECT intelligence and agreed...there was very little resistance to going in.

The hypocrisy of Bush criticism over Iraq is undeniable. Most agree now it was not the best move, hindsight is a wonderful thing. But Bushdisdainia has people like you basically making up stuff that isn't supported by facts you can produce. Like evangelical christians who have blind faith that their God exists, Bush haters have blind faith that Bush alone knew no WMD's existed and also orchestrated 9/11.

Tiny said...

Oh, and I caught a blog mentioning this brilliant name calling by a so-called "proggessive" blog and the hundreds of well hinged comment users! If this is really the attitude of the majority of the left we will have another civil war in this country.

Glock 26 said...


I tend to agree with your comments about my buddy's horrible grammar, as I cringe when I read his frequent errors, but he is an executive in a successful technology company that he cofounded... To equate a couple of mispellings with illiteracy is absurd. What is it that you do? Whatever it is, you obviously have time to cruise around and add no value whatsoever to a debate, just irrelevant cheap shots. Bring something to the table or just move along.

Tiny said...

Hey G26, thanks for having my back...yep, I'm just a typical silicon valley illiterate who use to design computers, architected enterprise software, has 3 patents and 4 others pending, along with all sorts of fun stuff most illiterate's here in the valley do! :)

Splash Two said...

"Shouldn't you run a correction or at least try to be more correct the next time you write so as not to send a message to the world that people from the USA are illiterate?"

---Wow Tiny, I guess the whole world now looks to you as its source of news, spelling and grammer. You should be honored.

It's a blog Putonatampon - get a grip and a life.

Splash Two said...

It's a sad state in political affairs in this country when people on the left are so blind, or stupid that they still believe this lie:

"Bush manipulated the American response to 9/11 to justify invsion of Iraq. (Dunno how you can argue with this one, since nobody in Iraq had anything to do with 9/11 and there weren't any WMDs in Iraq.)"

Let us look at the truth:

·“Abu Mohammed,” a former colonel of Saddam Hussein’s Fedayeen fighters, told reporters long ago that Iraq was training terrorists, including al-Qaeda.

Gwynne Roberts, Sunday Times, July 14, 2002

·Iraqi soldiers, captured during the early phases of the war on Iraq in 2003, revealed that al-Qaeda terrorists were present inside Iraq fighting alongside Iraqi troops Gethin Chamberlain, The Scotsman, 10-28-03

·Hamsiraji Sali, Commander of the al-Qaeda affiliate Abu Sayyaf, admitted receiving $20,000 dollars a year from Iraq. Marc Lerner, Washington Times, 3-4-03

·Salah Suleiman, revealed that he was a former Iraqi Intelligence officer, captured on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border shuttling between Iraq and Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Janes Foreign Report, 9-19-01

·Jamal al-Qurairy, a former General in Iraq’s Mukhabarat, who defected years ago, said “that [is] ours” immediately after seeing 9/11 attacks.

David Rose, Vanity Fair, Feb. 2003, and David Rose, The Observer, 3-16-03

·Abbas al-Janabai, a personal assistant to Uday Hussein for 15 years, has repeatedly stated that there was a connection between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden that included training terrorists at various camps in Iraq.

CNN, 7-23-2003

Gwynne Roberts, Sunday Times, July 14,2002

Richard Miniter, TechCentralStation, 9-25-03

·Two Moroccan associates of Osama bin Laden, arrested in Rabat in Nov 98, confirmed that Col Khairallah al-Tikriti, the brother of Iraq’s top Intelligence official (Mukhabarat), was the case officer in charge of operations with al-Qaeda in Kashmir and Manila

Jacquard, Roland, In the Name of Osama Bin Laden, Duke University Press, 2002, pg.112

·Wali Khan Amin Shah, an al-Qaeda operative in custody, told the FBI that Abu Hajer al-Iraq had good contacts with Iraq Intelligence Services (reported to Senate Intelligence Committee)

Stephen Hayes, Thomas Joscelyn, Weekly Standard, 7-18-05

·Farouk Hijazi, former #3 in Saddam Hussein’s Mukhabarat, although he denies the well documented reports of his later meetings with bin Laden, Hijazi admits that he met with Osama bin Laden to discuss antiship mines and terror training camps in Iraq during the mid-90’s.

9-11 Commission, Staff Statement 15

·Abdul Rahman al-Shamari, who served in Saddam Hussein’s Mukhabarat from 1997-2002, says that he worked to link Saddam Hussein regime with Ansar al Islam and al-Qaeda.

Preston Mendenhall, MSNBC, "War Diary"

Jonathan Schanzer, Weekly Standard, 3-1-04

·Mohamed Gharib, Ansar al Islam’s Media chief, later admitted that the group took assistance from Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Scott Peterson, Christian Science Monitor, 10-16-03

·Mohamed Mansour Shahab, aka Muhammad Jawad, is a smuggler who claims to have been hired by Iraq to bring weapons to al-Qaeda in Afghanistan

Jeffrey Goldberg, New Yorker, 3-25-02

Scott Peterson, Christian Science Monitor, 4-03-02

Richard Miniter, TechCentralStation, 9-25-03

·Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi is a senior al-Qaeda operative. Although he has changed his story, he initially told his captors that his mission was to travel to Iraq to acquire poisons and gases from Iraqi Intelligence after impressing them with al-Qaeda’s attack on the USS Cole

Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard, 11-24-03

·An “enemy combatant” being held at Guantanamo Bay, who was also a former Iraqi Army officer, admits that he served as a liaison between Osama bin Laden and Iraqi Intelligence. He was arrested in Pakistan before completing joint IIS/al-Qaeda mission to blow up U.S. and British embassies

Associated Press, 3-30-05

Stephen Hayes, Thomas Joscelyn. Weekly Standard. 7-18-05

·Abu Hajer al-Iraqi (aka Mahmdouh Mahmud Salim) told prosecutors that he was bin Laden’s best friend and in charge of trying and procure WMD materials from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review, 6-17-04

Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard, 11-24-03

·A “Former Senior (Iraqi) Intelligence Officer” has told U.S. officials that a flurry of activity between Saddam Hussein’s regime and al-Qaeda took place in early and late 1998, the meeting point was Baghdad’s Intelligence station in Pakistan

Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard, 11-24-03

·Wafiq al-Sammarrai, former head of Iraq’s Military Intelligence before defecting in 1994, stated that Saddam Hussein has agents “inside” al-Qaeda

Laurie Mylroie, “Study of Revenge”

·Khidir Hamza, Saddam Hussein’s former top WMD official, says that Saddam had connections to al-Qaeda

CNN, 10-15-01

PBS Frontline "Gunning For Saddam"

·Abu Zeinab al-Qurairy , a former high-ranking officer in Iraq’s Mukhabarat, told PBS Frontline and the New York Times that the September 11 attackers were trained in Salman Pak, as were other members of al-Qaeda

PBS Frontline "Gunning For Saddam"

·Sabah Khodada, a former Captain in Iraq’s Army, told PBS Frontline and the New York Times that the terrorist training camp at Salman Pak included the training of al-Qaeda members airplane hijacking

PBS Frontline "Gunning For Saddam"

·An “Iraqi Defector,” who spent 16 years working for Iraq’s Mukhabarat, told the Iraqi National Congress that Saddam Hussein’s illegal oil revenues helped fund al-Qaeda (story later corroborated by Claudia Rosett )

Radio Free Europe 9-29-2002

·Khalil Ibrahim Abdallah, a captured senior Iraqi official, said that IIS agents had met with bin Laden until the middle of 1999

Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard, 11-24-03

·Qassem Hussein Mohamed, who served in Iraq’s Mukhabarat for 20 years, told reporters that Saddam Hussein has been secretly aiding, arming and funding Ansar al Islam and al-Qaeda for several years

Scott Peterson, Christian Science Monitor, 4-2-02

Jeffrey Goldberg, New Yorker, 3-25-02

·Dr. Mohammed al-Masri, a known al-Qaeda spokesman, told the Sunday Times that Saddam Hussein contacted the “Arab Afghans” (al-Qaeda) in 2001. Al-Masri also said that Saddam even went so far as to fund the movement of some al-Qaeda members into Iraq and then later supplied them with arms caches and money, later to be used in insurgent attacks. Abdel Bari Atwan, Sunday Times, 2-26-06 via Thomas Joscelyn, "Saddam, the Insurgency, and the Terrorists, 3-28-06

·Hudayfa Azzam, the son of bin Laden’s former mentor, told reporters in 2004, “Saddam Hussein's regime welcomed them with open arms and young al-Qaeda members entered Iraq in large numbers, setting up an organization to confront the occupation.” AFP, 8-30-04 Thomas Joscelyn, "What Else Did Hudayfa Azzam Have To Say About Al-Qaeda In Iraq?” 4-3-06

·Hudayfa Azzam, the son of bin Laden’s mentor Abdullah Azzam, has said Iraq’s government worked closely with al-Qaeda before the war and welcomed a number of members in after they left Afghanistan and armed and funded them Thomas Joscelyn citing AFP, 8-30-04

·Dr. Mohammed al-Masri, a known al-Qaeda spokesman, told the Sunday Times that Saddam Hussein contacted the “Arab Afghans” (al-Qaeda) in 2001. Abdel Bari Atwan, Sunday Times, 2-26-06 via Thomas Joscelyn, “Saddam, the Insurgency, and the Terrorists,” 3-28-06

·Haqi Ismail, a Mosul native with relatives at the top of Iraq’s Mukhabarat and spent time in al-Qaeda/al Ansar camps in Afghanistan and Northern Iraq before being caught by Kurdish security, indicated that he was working for Saddam Hussein’s Intelligence Service (Mukhabarat)

Jeffrey Goldberg, New Yorker, 3-25-02

·Moammar Ahmad Yussef, a captured deputy of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, told officials that Iraq provided money, weapons, fake passports, safe haven and training to al-Qaeda members

Dan Darling, Winds of Change, 11-21-03

·A “top Saddam Hussein official,” who was also a senior Intelligence official, says that Iraq made a secret pact with Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Egyptian Islamic Jihad and later al-Qaeda. Secret meetings between the two sides began in 1992.

Stephen Hayes, Weekly Standard, 11-24-03

·Abu Zubaydah, a high ranking al-Qaeda operative in U.S. custody, has said that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had good contacts with Iraqi Intelligence Services

Thomas Joscelyn, Weekly Standard, December 2, 2005

·Abu Iman al-Baghdadi, a 20-year veteran of Iraqi intelligence, told BBC news that Saddam Hussein is funding and arming Ansar al-Islam to fend off anti-Saddam Kurds

Jim Muir, BBC, July 24, 2002

I would post all of the things that Clinton, Gore, Halfbright...etc, said about WMD's in Iraq prior to 9/11 but you should have seen those by now.

Tiny said...

Nice list S2!

Of course the hate-everything-Bush-at-all-costs-crowd, including giving up logic and reason, will have a theory that each and every one of those people who linked al-Qaeda to Iraq was lying. And of course, if there was never a tie to al-Queda even going back to the 90's then a pull out surely wouldn't result in an al-Qaeda vacuum into Iraq!