Tuesday, August 01, 2006

They don't want to know

It's apparent that the MSM and many around the world don't what to know the truth about what's going on in Lebanon. The press, and the public, swallow whole what the Islamic terrorists serve them. The bias in the media is clear.....why wouldn't the MSM be taking a closer look at Qana as evidence mounts that things may not be as they first appeared? The area bombed by the IDF in Qana was shown on video to be a site from which rockets were fired into Israel. Israel and others have shown evidence that the house didn't collapse until some 8 hours after the IDF bombing. The Red Cross is reporting the number of dead from that house at half that reported by the Iran/Hezbollah controlled Lebanese officials (see story linked below). Photographs on the Internet showing plain clothed men on truck mounted rocket launchers within residential homes in Lebanon show the tactic to draw fire and make women and children unwilling martyrs.

Note the Lebanese Red Cross volunteer quoted in this story who says "The priority is for the wounded, then we return, as much as we can, to take out the martyrs''. Wouldn't you normally call the women and children pulled from that house as victims?

Then there's this Lebanese terrorist mouthpiece who mentions his regret that the "Qana massacre did not horrify the conscience and did not bring about a UN decision for a ceasefire".

You don't have to look to hard for this look and sound like it was a staged event many hours after the IDF had bombed that area and make Israel look bad, to shock the world and garner support for Hezbollah and maybe coax the inept UN into trying to broker a ceasefire.

I'm not saying it's a certainty that Hezbollah staged the Qana deaths but to ignore its possibility is to shut your eyes to something you wish not to see.

Update (8/2): Nice video blog by M. Malkin that also asks about Qana, check it out. And the MSM still ignores the possibility Qana was staged. As usual you're too stupid (in their mind) to form the right opinion so they will make it for you....just try to find a journalist who will present the entire spectrum, with backup and sources, on ANY story and let you decide what it means.

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