Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Christmas is not PC?????

Ok, now I'm ticked off.....on the radio while driving to work I heard a local talk show host say that what was in the past called a Christmas Tree Lighting in the city of Folsom CA is called a Holiday Tree Lighting this year. While it bothered me that any city would bow to this obviously politically correct move I thought well it's just Folsom (famous for pretty much a nasty prison). Then I decided to do a Google search on "holiday tree lighting"....GOOD GOD (yes God)....now I didn't check all 1.5m hits the search returns but you can just page thru city after city across the country who think a tree with lights on it is not JUST ABOUT CHRISTMAS. That's right...you know the Christian feast commemorating the birth of Jesus!!

I can see the leftist politically correct couple taking their kids to the Holiday Tree Lighting at the town square; child: gee dad what's this holiday tree about? dad: well son, ah um, you see its sort of a time to rejoice and be thankful.... child: that's sounds like Thanks Giving dad...the only holiday I have heard of that decorates and puts lights on a tree and has something to do with Dec 25th is CHRISTMAS...dad!!!!!

This is just insane.......do people who are going to the fricken Christmas (because it's not a holiday or festivus tree for that matter) tree lightings think they are celebrating a Muslim event? A Buddhist one? Go get your own holiday you idiots...and I expect your asses at work on 12/25.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

The NBA, Precursor to Incarceration

Starting around 4 years ago I pretty much stopped watching, or paying attention to, all professional sports (well, except golf). The NFL, MLB and NBA have become a joke with the leadership and team owners essentially dropping all measure of human decency in favor of W's. The NBA is really the biggest villian here with scouts and sports/shoe company sponsored schools tarketing poor black communities trying to find the next Michael Jordan with only lip service to anything other than b-ball skills. The black community leaders (who exactly are they) should be outraged at the complete lack of values (decency, family, education, good will, etc.) that the music and sports world directly promotes, or indirectly does by not fiercly denouncing or punishing inappropriate conduct.

Case in point....yesterday's Pacers-Pistons NBA game had at first a player only brawl turn into a player spectator brawl supposedly spawned by a fan throwing a paper soda cup at a player. Later two fans having words with a player got the player to throw a bunch to the face of a fan taking him down, and so on. While we can only hope any criminal acts in this milay will be prospecuted (player or fan) the frequency of player loss of control at taunting from fans and even flying cups is COMPLETELY asinine.

This is a total lack of control and a disconnect from decency. The complicity by the NBA leadership with this constant behaivor makes it worse....an NBA spokesman couldn't comment until it "can review the incident". This is a total chicken shit protect the obviously wrong party stuff. You need to review it before you can say that punch throwing fights among players is wrong, and worse players engaging in fisticuffs with fans other than for self defence is unacceptable and should be criminally prosecuted? You can always cover the rush to judgement by saying what action the NBA will take will be decided on review of the incident. However, the review should take about 5 minutes of video watching. Why do you need to interview anybody? There is no excuse regardless of what anybody said or that a cup was thrown...doesn't matter one bit. If the NBA doesn't start suspending for 1 year a player who strikes a player to the head with a close fist, and for life for the same to a fan, then they are complicit and I'll help with their demise.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Hitler & Aunt Jemima

Idiot and racist are two words often used by the left to describe what they says is the typical Bush voter....funny how every day there are dozens of stories about liberal elite politicians, celebs or media who demonstrate that in fact they are the racist idiots. Case in point, another celeb foreign policy and war strategy expert and fat beatch Linda Ronstadt weighs in (pun intended) on Iraq and Bush: "People don't realize that by voting Republican, they voted against themselves," and this perl: "Now we've got a new bunch of Hitlers".

And the racist comments about Condi Rice keep coming, the lastest is some obscure Milwaukee radio talk show host who called Rice "Aunt Jemima" and was planning on today's show to give away Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup. He apparently has also refered to Colin Powell as an "Uncle Tom". The local mayor denounced the comments, but the local NAACP spokes person couldn't comment until she heard the remarks in their entirety. OH, SO I CAN CALL A BLACK AND UNCLE TOM OR AUNT JEMIMA IN A CERTAIN CONTEXT????? What the F....it's apparently only racist if you're referring to a liberal!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

More War and Close Combat Experts Emerge

Along with celebrity war/combat experts Madonna and Sean Penn we now have other obviously credible and combat experienced individuals and groups who are unquestionably unbiased (ya right) weighing in on the shooting in a mosque in Falluja the other day. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International along with top U.N. human rights officials (who have the utmost credibility, see here, here, here) are calling for an investigation. The folks at Amnesty international who I'm sure are ex-military combat fighters with tons of combat and close fighting experience including booby trapped bodies and fake surrender tactics had this to say: "The deliberate shooting of unarmed and wounded fighters who pose no immediate threat is a war crime under international law and there is therefore an obligation on the U.S. authorities to investigate all such reports and to hold perpetrators of such crimes accountable before the law"

And you expect no less from Al-Jazeera who apparently has been playing the shooting of this person in Falluja over and over and they are others in the region call it an "execution". Oh, SO THEY ARE AGAINST EXECUTIONS????? Man we should be using more MOAB's over there!!!!! FYI, now Al-Jazeera says it has a video tape of a women being shot in the head which is assumed to be Margaret Hassan the CARE director in Iraq who was abducted.

Care to guess how many of groups and individuals who are so outspoken about this most likely justified shooting in the mosque in Falluja will have something negative to say about the killing of Margaret Hassan?

Friday, November 12, 2004

The Father of Modern Terrorism

Andrew McCarthy of NRO has a comprehensive piece on Arafat's life and as you read it you will certainly agree that "the father of modern terrorism" is an appropriate epitaph. So why then does nearly all the media not label Arafat for what he is? Why did so many leaders show up to the make shift funeral in Egypt? Why does a man with this a terror inventors history not get labeled with a single negative descriptor?

I have never understood deep antisemitic feelings many all over the world have....is this root cause of this pass the media and others give Arafat? I have no other explanation? It's also interesting that Israel is most often portrayed as evil. Yet the suicide bombers are almost always aimed at Israeli civilians while Israel's military actions are almost uniformly surgical in nature trying to avoid collateral damage. In fact I think given that Israel is surrounded by unfriendly's I'm amazed at the restraint they have shown in not unleashing their rather impressive military might on those who would kill them at any opportunity.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thursday Roundup

Don't Forget

It's Veterans Day...don't forget what this means, if you can't thank a vet in person give thanks in your own way for the men and women who have sacrificed throughout our history so that we can live free in the most prosperous land in the world. The American Dream is alive and well and your share in that dream is only governed by your own desire and drive. A land where the vast majority are down right good loving people who will help their fellow man, come to a strangers rescue and look you in the eye and say hello. I'll steal the final words of Mr. Owens whose NRO article today ends with: So pray for our servicemen in Fallujah today and for the souls of those who have given the last full measure. May they rest in peace. Happy birthday, Marines. Semper fi. And to all veterans, God bless you and thank you for your service. And may you live long, sweet lives.

Arafat finally in a box!
Amid the inappropriate stories on Arafat's death that offer praise, or sole saving, we find an occasional sane response...here's one: Arafat the Monster. And of course Jimmy Carter continues his journey with senility describing him as a "powerful human symbol" but leaves out what he thinks the symbol represents...how about terrorism and death to jews!

Bummer Dude!
I don't much like Bill Maher, right now he's not liking the Internet since it's front page on the Drudgereport that he's been hit with a palimony suit!

Trojan Horse
Some on the left are trying to calm the post election hysterical elements in their party....the new strategy that you already see forming is a trojan horse! The liberals I know have brain wiring different from me....there's no way that they will over the next 4 years line up with me on pivotal issues or even get close for that matter. I fully believe, like Kerry, that those who will lobby for the nomination for the Dems in 2008 will say anything to try and appear more centrist...but that's just a book cover....the book won't change. While Billary Clinton thinks she's being sneaky by suddenly throwing out religious references here and there, some are talking about it openly. Not about changing their core beliefs, but about how to make others think you are, case in point: More Muscle, More God, Less Shrum

Peggy Noonan's piece in today's WSJ had a description of Bush I like and believe....Kerry tried to slide into some of those descriptions but with no credibility.
I think Mr. Bush, the better man in terms of character, was also the more normal man. And we like normal. He loves sports and business and politics, and speaks their language. Normal. His wife is important to him, and his kids seem a bit of a mystery to him, and perhaps even to some degree intimidating. Normal. He thinks if bad guys attack New York City and the Pentagon, we go after them and kill them--normal. He thinks marriage is between a man and a woman--normal. He thinks if Baptist preachers in a suburb of Louisville have an after-school plan that has an excellent record of turning kids from juvenile delinquency to thinking about college, those Baptist preachers should be helped and encouraged every way we can, and it has nothing to do with "church and state." Normal. He thinks if there's an old plaque bearing the Ten Commandments on the wall of the courthouse you should leave it alone--it can't hurt, and it might help. Normal.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Arrogant Peloci

Amazing what this pompous beatch gets away with say...from Tarranto WSJ blog:

The Washington Post reports on a particularly rich comment from Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader:

Pelosi, addressing reporters after lunching with about 100 House Democrats, said her party will speak out when it believes Bush and the GOP-controlled Congress are mismanaging Iraq, tax policies or the deficit. "The president won't be able to blame anyone, because the Republicans have full control," Pelosi said. Although Republicans have controlled the White House, Senate and House for two years, she said, "the American people did not know that. And now they do."

If "the American people did not know" that the GOP held the White House and majorities in both houses of Congress in 2003 and 2004, what makes her think we've caught on now?

Kofi Inane

My pal Mike shot me this short WSJ article on interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi response to Kofi Annan's inane letter suggesting increase offensives on a group Annan left nameless in his letter would increase violence and disrupt elections. An appropriate reply from Allawi said:

At the moment, we have parts of the country in which the civilian population has been hijacked by the terrorists and insurgents. That is unacceptable. Worse still is that the terrorists and insurgents operating from places like Fallujah are exporting their violence to other parts of the country, terrorizing and killing innocent Iraqis and those seeking to protect them. I cannot allow these terrorists to continue to murder with impunity.

I was a little surprised by the lack of any mention in your letter of the atrocities which these groups have committed. I believe that the blame for the violence and difficulties in Iraq at the moment should be laid squarely at their door. The same group who murdered so many of your staff in the bombing of the U.N. headquarters last year, has since murdered hundreds of innocent Iraqis and committed countless other atrocities. We have overwhelming evidence that they have used and continue to use Fallujah as a base of operations.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I Rest My Case!

From celebrity terrorism expert Madonna!
Global terror is everywhere. Global terror is down the street, around the block. Global terror is in California. There's global terror everywhere and it's absurd to think you can get it by going to one country and dropping tons of bombs on innocent people.

Hollywood's FU to Mainstream America

Great piece in today's WSJ by movie reviewer Michael Medved (Bad News For Democrats) who obviously puts his "right" thinking ahead of what the celebrity political intelligencia whose movies he reviews will think of him for it.
Despite their popularity as entertainers, these performers maintain at best a love-hate relationship with the general public (and feed innumerable tabloids with lurid tales of their personal problems), so their endorsements of candidates mean almost nothing. Moreover, movies long ago ceased functioning as a unifying celebration of populist values and now serve a primarily youthful niche market. Even box-office blockbusters typically draw only seven million or eight million people on their opening weekends--less than half the number who listen to Rush Limbaugh in any given week.

Problem, Absent Fathers or Procreation?

For sometime now we have heard about the problem of inner city black children who have no father in their lives. Of course it's probably a good thing those particular absent fathers aren't in these kids lives, but I shouldn't infer that all are bad. Kay Hymowitz's piece Dad's in the 'Hood in the urban-policy magazine City Journal is an interesting update on this topic. However, I think the root of the problem is the seminal event itself not being considered fateful by both the male and female participants. This is of course not just an inner city black problem but the numbers there do speak for themselves. In thinking about my own upbringing I don't recall even a single lecture (pop, correct me if I'm wrong) on the seriousness of procreation and the ultimate responsibility of it success. So why did I understand that producing a child would be a lifelong responsibility that nothing short of death could break? Was it that I had two parents that loved their children? Was it that we weren't dirt poor? Was it that I went to school? Was it that we were taught daily about right and wrong and the value of hard work. Or maybe all of the above.

I fully believe that people like Jesse Jackson, Kweisi Mfume, Julian Bond and most of the Congressional Black Caucus don't want this situation to improve! Their hateful and racist propaganda serves to keep the myth that a racist white population and government are the cause of all that ails the black population. After all if that weren't true many of these so called black leaders would be out of a job or even less significant on the national scene than they already are. I like a quote from Hymowitz's piece by Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates :
"Are white racists forcing black teenagers to drop out of school or have babies?"

While my own childhood didn't include hyper focus on education (high school and college) I think that it is the key to reversing some of the damage for those already under the inner city fatherless handicap. For each child we rescue we hopefully create a desire not to just gratify primal sexual urges but to create a life out of love, to experience the joy of guiding your own flesh and blood to be and do better than oneself. That's a feeling that is, I'm sure, completely void from the mind of the bastard creating men and women of the inner city.

Sore Losers

Jonah Goldberg of the National Review Online wrote a wondrous and funny piece yesterday called The Sore-Loser Party in which he nicely dices Smiley, Dowd, Raines, Krugman, Sarandon and P. Diddy! It's really amazing to me the hypocricy and pomposity displayed by the now sullen left. Take for example this sound bite from Smiley:
The election results reflect the decision of the right wing to cultivate and exploit ignorance in the citizenry
And Goldberg on Smiley:
A woman who couldn't catch a clue if you used one as a pestle and her brain pan as the mortar

I also love how Goldberg describes the liberal defective Maureen Dowd & Paul Krugman:
As we all know, one's a whining self-parody of a hysterical liberal who lets feminine emotion and fear defeat reason and fact in almost every column. The other used to date Michael Douglas.

Read all of Goldberg's NRO piece....great stuff!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Liberal Tolerance

Excellent post election thoughts that I found on AtlanticBlog (post: After the election which references yet another insightful blogger Mark Kleiman). AtlanticBlog is by an American economist living and working in Ireland named William Sjostrom...worth checking out. A snippet of Mark's words that William, and now I, posted...but read Mark's entire post.

Liberals are more willing than conservatives to make the majority suffer to protect the minorities. And the fact that the liberal leadership is profoundly secular in its orientation makes it easy to interpret this as hostility to religion, or to religiosity, generally. We claim that we are merely carrying out the Enlightenment program of getting the heavy hand of the state off religion, but that's not really a very convincing claim given our own actual beliefs and practices, and given the sheer hatred and contempt the usual liberal commentator can pack into the word "fundamentalist." Where, one might reasonably ask, is liberal tolerance when the chips are down?


I had to grin when I heard today that Howard Dean is considering a run at being the chair of the DNC....if it happened it would only shift the DNC more left and away from mainstream America than it already is. For old times sake and a laugh, hear Dean's out of control speach which included the now famous "heeeeeeyaaaaaa" yell in mp3!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Liberal Reassurance

It's not often that the NYT has anything in that I agree with, interesting post election analysis of the liberal reaction to the results. Here's a few snippets of The Vaues-Vote Myth by David Brooks:
Every election year, we in the commentariat come up with a story line to explain the result, and the story line has to have two features. First, it has to be completely wrong. Second, it has to reassure liberals that they are morally superior to the people who just defeated them.

In past years, the story line has involved Angry White Males, or Willie Horton-bashing racists. This year, the official story is that throngs of homophobic, Red America values-voters surged to the polls to put George Bush over the top. This theory certainly flatters liberals, and it is certainly wrong.
But the same insularity that caused many liberals to lose touch with the rest of the country now causes them to simplify, misunderstand and condescend to the people who voted for Bush. If you want to understand why Democrats keep losing elections, just listen to some coastal and university town liberals talk about how conformist and intolerant people in Red America are. It makes you wonder: why is it that people who are completely closed-minded talk endlessly about how open-minded they are?

Friday, November 05, 2004

More humor

Check this site where morons post their apology to the world (so they presume) that Dubya got re-elected....gee, the huge list of apologists who have posted so far sure look like successful, productive, upstanding, business/home owner, job holder, tax paying folks with lots of life experience and responsibilities don't they! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Sorry Everybody

Why Canada...look further away you idiots!

I knew I would be happy if Bush won re-election but I didn't think it would generate so much humor! Today the Drudge Report has a headline Americans flock to Canada's immigration website. This is just too funny...but it should probably say Disgruntled Democrat's to chicken to move to far from US. We can only hope many of the wacko liberal Ted Rall followers actualy leave our great land. But alas, almost none will...and those that do may go to Canada so that they can make short trips into the best f'ing country on the planet to enjoy all it offers. Well, if you had any cojones and actually believed your anti-american vitriol you would move to France or maybe some nice place in the middle of Africa.

UPDATE: too funny....conservative radio host Glenn Beck got thousands of people to pledge a few bucks each to buy 2 first class tickets one way from UT to Ireland for Robert Redford who apparantly told some reporter he would move to Ireland if Bush was elected. Beck couldn't figure out how to send the tickets directly to Redford so now they are raising funds to take out a full page ad in the paper where Redford lives!

I would love to find the audio, video and print from all the celebrity pundits who so flippantly made similar hollow threats of leaving the country in a Bush victory. Build a website and show them all....raise money to charter a 747 that will take the entire "enlightened" bunch all at once from LAX (most are there anyway) to Charles De Gualle Airport!

Blind Elitism

Everyday we see hundreds of examples of liberal elitism. I have several theories on this. Being a liberal elite means you believe your intellect is superior to most. As this election cycle demonstrated you long for approval from those outside of our country who you think are enlightened like you. Believing this you can't imagine that your stance on the issues of an election are wrong....so therefore those who chose the opposite view must be ignorant, racist, greedy, blah, blah. So theory number 1 is that liberals can't accept that they are ever wrong or that a contrarian view might also be just as valid.

This pseudo intellectualism and vanity they liberal elite have does not allow them to have a stable moral core. They believe in some sort of utopia where everyone loves everyone and that there is no higher being governing a higher moral code (while I'm a wait and see catholic I still believe in following a moral code completely in line with Jewdeo Christian beliefs). All actions, all ways of living life are valid in their view because you must feel that way in order to love each and every person or thing and insure that love comes back. They do not believe in a true evil and that any demonstration of evil is not the fault of the evil doer! They put propositions on the ballet to let criminals out of jail. They want to talk when shooting is justified. They scorn our police and military for not treating criminals and the enemy with kid gloves.

I believe they fear taking a stand in direct opposition to these anomalous ideas and beliefs they embrace. Just like communism would distribute wealth equally to the people they would distribute their morality and beliefs to the people equally. It's completely diametrically opposed to our type of democracy formed by our founding fathers who were not shy about connecting a moral code and our freedoms to a god. It's not that you need to believe in a god, but we are flawed and so a belief in a common good and the idea of ultimate authority can keep us in line.

More examples of this blind elitism from slate.com The unteachable ignorance of the red states.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Out Of Touch, Denial & Treason

It's amazing and also admittedly enjoyable (schadenfreude=pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others) to read all the stories and blogs by stunned democrats. The map showing a mostly red geography for Bush when granularity is on a county scale shows just how out of touch the liberals really are. Their complete denial, much like that of the biased media talking heads is truly incomprehensible to me. Check these articles for comments from defeated liberals:

San Jose Mercury News
Chicago Tribune

Then there are the angry left which are easy to find in blogger land....amazing that these ingrates think they are intellectually superior and also more tolerant than the majority (Bush supporters) when their rhetoric is diametrically opposed to that notion and down right treasonous. To wish for the killing or suffering of fellow Americans or anyone for that matter is vile. For just one example check this poor excuse for a human being...kos and also his agreeable commenters!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Divided Nation or some out of touch?

Deacon of PowerLine says it best:
Kerry is said to have told the president that the country is too divided and
that "we really have to do something about it." The country is divided, but the
division is in favor of President Bush and his party. If the goal is to decrease
division in the context of a democratic society, the Democrats will have to
accept this voter-imposed reality to a much greater degree than they have shown
any past willingness to do. I'm not expecting much from Kerry in this regard.


Largest vote for a president in history.

First time in 16 years the winner got more than 50% of the vote.

House and Senate both have improved control by Republicans.

Tom Daschle is gone.

California voted almost perfectly on propositions.....the stem cell initiative passed and that's BS....while I don't care to debate fetal stem cells versus stem cells from babies thru adults the real BS of that initiative is that California tax payers are going to fund research to benefit the entire world. While that sounds noble, it would be nice if everyone paid their fair share.

Ock...FU and I know who you are!

Monday, November 01, 2004