Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Christmas is not PC?????

Ok, now I'm ticked off.....on the radio while driving to work I heard a local talk show host say that what was in the past called a Christmas Tree Lighting in the city of Folsom CA is called a Holiday Tree Lighting this year. While it bothered me that any city would bow to this obviously politically correct move I thought well it's just Folsom (famous for pretty much a nasty prison). Then I decided to do a Google search on "holiday tree lighting"....GOOD GOD (yes God)....now I didn't check all 1.5m hits the search returns but you can just page thru city after city across the country who think a tree with lights on it is not JUST ABOUT CHRISTMAS. That's right...you know the Christian feast commemorating the birth of Jesus!!

I can see the leftist politically correct couple taking their kids to the Holiday Tree Lighting at the town square; child: gee dad what's this holiday tree about? dad: well son, ah um, you see its sort of a time to rejoice and be thankful.... child: that's sounds like Thanks Giving dad...the only holiday I have heard of that decorates and puts lights on a tree and has something to do with Dec 25th is CHRISTMAS...dad!!!!!

This is just insane.......do people who are going to the fricken Christmas (because it's not a holiday or festivus tree for that matter) tree lightings think they are celebrating a Muslim event? A Buddhist one? Go get your own holiday you idiots...and I expect your asses at work on 12/25.


anlathas said...

What? They're not allowed to call it Christmas anymore? That's crap, mate. Still, I think God would be happier with everyone getting into the spirit of giving and sharing rather than all of His followers throwing fits over others wanting to get into that spirit and have a much needed day or two off from work.

I think you Americans wouldn't be so up in arms over everything if you got a bit of time off from work once in a blue moon.

Tiny said...

Hi Martin, ya I agree...I would love to take time off work and visit √Čire...I have a few local friends who are members of Doonbeg Golf Club in County Clare and I keep threatening to make a trip over your way with them!

Tiny said...
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Hazim Hal Ukabarara said...

It is time for a revolt and it starts with us.

Last year I found myself saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" because I didn't want to offend. It felt awkward and very unfufilling. T

hen I realized that I am commenting about MY belief, not THEIR belief (or lack thereof).

So @#!@ it!

This year it is MERRY CHRISTMAS.

And MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!!

With love,

Hazim Hal Ukabarara said...

Show that you care.
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And let everyone know that you celebrate RamaHanuKwanzMas!

And if you don't - don't freaken take the day off or give anyone a gift or expect a RamaHanuKwanzMas party at the end of the year.

Tiny said...

Hey Haz....curious to get your comments on my contraversial post on AIDS!....comments-a-plenty in the message area

Anonymous said...

What kind of job do you have that enables you to post on a blog all day?

Anonymous said...

The history of christmas in america.

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