Saturday, November 20, 2004

The NBA, Precursor to Incarceration

Starting around 4 years ago I pretty much stopped watching, or paying attention to, all professional sports (well, except golf). The NFL, MLB and NBA have become a joke with the leadership and team owners essentially dropping all measure of human decency in favor of W's. The NBA is really the biggest villian here with scouts and sports/shoe company sponsored schools tarketing poor black communities trying to find the next Michael Jordan with only lip service to anything other than b-ball skills. The black community leaders (who exactly are they) should be outraged at the complete lack of values (decency, family, education, good will, etc.) that the music and sports world directly promotes, or indirectly does by not fiercly denouncing or punishing inappropriate conduct.

Case in point....yesterday's Pacers-Pistons NBA game had at first a player only brawl turn into a player spectator brawl supposedly spawned by a fan throwing a paper soda cup at a player. Later two fans having words with a player got the player to throw a bunch to the face of a fan taking him down, and so on. While we can only hope any criminal acts in this milay will be prospecuted (player or fan) the frequency of player loss of control at taunting from fans and even flying cups is COMPLETELY asinine.

This is a total lack of control and a disconnect from decency. The complicity by the NBA leadership with this constant behaivor makes it NBA spokesman couldn't comment until it "can review the incident". This is a total chicken shit protect the obviously wrong party stuff. You need to review it before you can say that punch throwing fights among players is wrong, and worse players engaging in fisticuffs with fans other than for self defence is unacceptable and should be criminally prosecuted? You can always cover the rush to judgement by saying what action the NBA will take will be decided on review of the incident. However, the review should take about 5 minutes of video watching. Why do you need to interview anybody? There is no excuse regardless of what anybody said or that a cup was thrown...doesn't matter one bit. If the NBA doesn't start suspending for 1 year a player who strikes a player to the head with a close fist, and for life for the same to a fan, then they are complicit and I'll help with their demise.

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