Friday, November 05, 2004

Blind Elitism

Everyday we see hundreds of examples of liberal elitism. I have several theories on this. Being a liberal elite means you believe your intellect is superior to most. As this election cycle demonstrated you long for approval from those outside of our country who you think are enlightened like you. Believing this you can't imagine that your stance on the issues of an election are therefore those who chose the opposite view must be ignorant, racist, greedy, blah, blah. So theory number 1 is that liberals can't accept that they are ever wrong or that a contrarian view might also be just as valid.

This pseudo intellectualism and vanity they liberal elite have does not allow them to have a stable moral core. They believe in some sort of utopia where everyone loves everyone and that there is no higher being governing a higher moral code (while I'm a wait and see catholic I still believe in following a moral code completely in line with Jewdeo Christian beliefs). All actions, all ways of living life are valid in their view because you must feel that way in order to love each and every person or thing and insure that love comes back. They do not believe in a true evil and that any demonstration of evil is not the fault of the evil doer! They put propositions on the ballet to let criminals out of jail. They want to talk when shooting is justified. They scorn our police and military for not treating criminals and the enemy with kid gloves.

I believe they fear taking a stand in direct opposition to these anomalous ideas and beliefs they embrace. Just like communism would distribute wealth equally to the people they would distribute their morality and beliefs to the people equally. It's completely diametrically opposed to our type of democracy formed by our founding fathers who were not shy about connecting a moral code and our freedoms to a god. It's not that you need to believe in a god, but we are flawed and so a belief in a common good and the idea of ultimate authority can keep us in line.

More examples of this blind elitism from The unteachable ignorance of the red states.

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merrick said...

'It's not that you need to believe in a god, but we are flawed and so a belief in a common good and the idea of ultimate authority can keep us in line.'As we are flawed, how are we to come up with a reliable idea of ultimate authority?

Indeed, as there are numerous competing contradictory ideas of ultimate authority knocking around, none of which are provable, it follows that a serious proprotion who do believe in ultimate authority have got it wrong and yet continue to believe anyway.

Because they have ultimate authority on their side, they proclaim their rightness and frequently attack those who disagree.

Blind elitism is in no way the exclusive preserve of liberals, it can be heard coming from millions of pulpits around the world every day, with people demanding others do not engage in activities that don't affect anyone except the consenting people directly involved.

The idea of a common good is essential for a humane society, but it has to be pliable. The founding fathers knew this when they made provision for amendments to the documents on which America was founded.

Even though they were mostly Christians they to realised that people handing down ideas as an ultimate authority for all time denies everything we know to be true about humanity, that societies evolve and need the freedom of expression to do it.

'but we are flawed and so a belief in a common good and the idea of ultimate authority can keep us in line.' - the Taliban mullahs couldn't put it better themselves.