Friday, November 05, 2004

Why Canada...look further away you idiots!

I knew I would be happy if Bush won re-election but I didn't think it would generate so much humor! Today the Drudge Report has a headline Americans flock to Canada's immigration website. This is just too funny...but it should probably say Disgruntled Democrat's to chicken to move to far from US. We can only hope many of the wacko liberal Ted Rall followers actualy leave our great land. But alas, almost none will...and those that do may go to Canada so that they can make short trips into the best f'ing country on the planet to enjoy all it offers. Well, if you had any cojones and actually believed your anti-american vitriol you would move to France or maybe some nice place in the middle of Africa.

UPDATE: too funny....conservative radio host Glenn Beck got thousands of people to pledge a few bucks each to buy 2 first class tickets one way from UT to Ireland for Robert Redford who apparantly told some reporter he would move to Ireland if Bush was elected. Beck couldn't figure out how to send the tickets directly to Redford so now they are raising funds to take out a full page ad in the paper where Redford lives!

I would love to find the audio, video and print from all the celebrity pundits who so flippantly made similar hollow threats of leaving the country in a Bush victory. Build a website and show them all....raise money to charter a 747 that will take the entire "enlightened" bunch all at once from LAX (most are there anyway) to Charles De Gualle Airport!

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