Friday, November 19, 2004

Hitler & Aunt Jemima

Idiot and racist are two words often used by the left to describe what they says is the typical Bush voter....funny how every day there are dozens of stories about liberal elite politicians, celebs or media who demonstrate that in fact they are the racist idiots. Case in point, another celeb foreign policy and war strategy expert and fat beatch Linda Ronstadt weighs in (pun intended) on Iraq and Bush: "People don't realize that by voting Republican, they voted against themselves," and this perl: "Now we've got a new bunch of Hitlers".

And the racist comments about Condi Rice keep coming, the lastest is some obscure Milwaukee radio talk show host who called Rice "Aunt Jemima" and was planning on today's show to give away Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup. He apparently has also refered to Colin Powell as an "Uncle Tom". The local mayor denounced the comments, but the local NAACP spokes person couldn't comment until she heard the remarks in their entirety. OH, SO I CAN CALL A BLACK AND UNCLE TOM OR AUNT JEMIMA IN A CERTAIN CONTEXT????? What the's apparently only racist if you're referring to a liberal!


HST Overdrive said...

So Tiny, what do you think of some of the talk out there about not only the divide in the nation, but the possibility of it breaking up?

Not only people on the Blue State left are bellyaching about the 'backwards' red states and wanting to leave the naiton at

But there is also a movement on the Red State right to expell the Blue States from the union

What do you think about all this? Should the Blue States and all their liberal elite be expelled for the good of the nation?

HST Overdrive is curious.

MOV said...

Tiny only responds to comments in his favor. It's like the feedback page on the whitehouse website where you have to check whether you agree with Bush's policies or not in order to send him a comment. We all know where those "don't agree" comments go! haha

Hazim Hal Ukabarara said...

MOV you are incorrect. Tiny has responded to posts that were critical/opposing his views.

It is just that he doesn't seem to respond to that many posts lately.

The Blue people should just suck it up and stop whining. Silly to think that one should split up the country in Red land and blue land - although there are crackpots on both sides who would propose something like that.

The real issue is that Robert Redford said he would move to Ireland if Bush won - he still hasn't. Isn't that like a Hollywood liberal - big talk and then back out?

HST Overdrive said...

Yes, it's too bad he's so busy. I am curious to hear what he has to say.

It would be nice if we could get rid of all the crack pots. Hollywood liberals, religious conservatives, foaming at the mouth anarchists and small minded rednecks. Let's send them all to Ireland.

anlathas said...

You can keep your bloody crackpots. We have enough of our own.

HST Overdrive said...

Hey, don't get me wrong. I love the Irish. Strangely enough, I was educated by them. My school was known as the 'Fighting Irish'. Maybe we can think of somewhere else to send those guys? Botswana?

Tiny said...

Hi, sorry been busy with work, a remodel and the holidays....MOV, no I don't think a break up, or really another civil war is at all possible. In the end most of us enjoy pretty darn nice lives and most of us are not so crazy to think we should shoot a fellow american because their beliefs differ. I think the politically correct BS that's going on all over the country is going to move more people to "right" thinking.

Anonymous said...

Tiny, from reading some of your other posts it seems as though you WANT to call Black PEOPLE "nigger", "aunt jemima", and "uncle tom". You seem to have an issue that some Black PEOPLE criticize other Black PEOPLE for being sell outs. Right or wrong, only a Black PERSON understands the issues that affect other Black PEOPLE. I doubt you know anything about Black history so do yourself a service and STFU. BTW - Referring to Black PEOPLE as "Blacks" makes you sound like a racist "idiot".

Tiny said...

I know my writing isn't so bad as to be interpreted as incorrectly as you I'll assume your just a bitter angry person whose lot in life is everyone's fault but your own.

Gee, I'm just not sure what to call everybody...uh, was it ok to ever call someone black? Why don't we call people with Italian heritage Italian family is from Split in the former Yugoslavia...I won't call you a racist if you call me just WHITE. What a joke...look in the mirror and you'll find your racist.

Tiny said...

hey Anon racist: Guess a bunch of folks all over the world haven't heard they're not allowed to use "blacks", just a sample of the hundreds headlines that occured TODAY referring to people as "black" or "blacks"...oh and lets not forget about the Congressional Black Caucus. But of course your going to say they are black so can call themselves black!

Black Leaders Call For Commissioner To Resign
Black Leaders Plan Response To Controversial E-mail
Bets on First Black James Bond Dismissed as 'Stunt'
Colin Salmon might be the first black Bond!
Actor tipped to be first black Bond
News24 Mbeki's 'black blood burnt'
Bad blood about black donors
Norvel Smith, first black college head in state, dies
Black leaders offer new accord
Cosby advises black leaders
Black health survey ducked

Just go to Google News, enter "black" and go thru page after page you IDIOT