Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Marriage is biologically defined

Today a judge heard arguments by lawyers representing the City of San Francisco and gay advocacy group who seek to have California's one-man, one-woman matrimony law declared unconstitutional. Well this is complete folly and if I lived in SF I would be pretty ticked off that the city was spending money on this. Make no mistake, I'm completely against changing the definition of marriage, which by the way has its roots in religious doctrine pre-dating our laws by thousands of years. Personally I don't even care what our federal or state laws are based on, I don't want the definition of marriage to be changed from one-man and one-women on the grounds that biology doesn't work in a same sex definition.

But before I go into biology this is of course also rooted in religion and the bible. What bible you ask....well I use Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary which is available online on numerous websites. The online database provides definitions from the most comprehensive source of biblical data. Just a brief sample; Authorized, King James, Darby, Martin Luther 1545, Louis Segond, Riveduta Luzzi, Alexandrian, etc., and so on and...... So, the common thread from these is that this is a union between a man and a women, and there is also the element that procreation was something that was to only happen within the marriage.

Ok, now to while I'm not a bible thumper I like the existing definition because of a combination of the religious definition and how it relates to procreation of the human species. You can call me what you like, but I believe to be homosexual is to not be normal. I don't care if someone is born that way. I don't hate you if you are. You don't scare me. You don't have a better or less of a chance of being my friend. However, members of a species that either can't procreate, or won't, are not normal. So its a defect to the species. If defective members of species do procreate the question is do they increase the defect in the population. At some point either the species dies out or procreation becomes purely a survival exercise. And one could argue if it's the later it may also die since without the absolute bond of the family unit taking the offspring from birth to procreating the lineage is weakened. Ok, I'm waxing like we are talking about and ampeba but I believe this relates to human existence.

I could go on and on...digging a hole in some areas and a bridge in others...but just for a minute convert the idea of same sex relations to a non human species and what would it mean to the survival of that species.

Back to these legal action...I always love when someone uses completely illogical jumps to argue their case....take for example: "The assertion that marriage is inherently heterosexual can no longer be maintained now that there are a number of jurisdictions that allow same-sex couples to marry," Shannon Minter, legal director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, said in a packed courtroom. That's almost funny considering how many judgments by a jurisdiction right here in my backyard, the 9th Circuit Federal Appeals Court, which is the most reversed court in the nation. Ms. Minter also thinks her argument was strengthened by mentioning that guy marriage is legal in Massachusetts, Canada, Belgium and South Africa. Oh, gee...enough said!

It's interesting that the plaintiffs admit that same sex unions are getting the same rights (for the most part) as those of a married couple...but they want the label as well! WHY? You might ask...because they want to slowly but surely be considered normal and not a defect. They don't use these words but that's the end goal.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Signatures be damned

Hindrocket of PowerlineBlog has a post with a great letter from the father of a marine serving in Iraq and it puts the recent SecDef "autopen" controversy in perspective. I reprinted the letter on Powerline in it's entirety and of special note is yet another example of Dubya's compassion that goes unreported by the media.

"If [our son] had been killed, we would have been first informed by a visit - in dress blues - from a condolence team typically consisting of two Marines and one Navy Chaplain. We know many families who've received that knock on the door. No letter is required. No words are required. A simple peek thru the view hole in the door and the sight of dress blue blouses, white covers and white gloves tells you all you ever need to know. A letter of condolence from the SecDef is, honestly, not even worth opening. Families are much more interested in hearing from the men who served with their son and from their families. We share the constant knowledge and fear that it could be our door bell being rung. Sec. Rumsfeld doesn't know our son. He's a Lance Corporal. He directs a machine gun team. He is a vital link in the line that protects our way of life. He doesn't fight for his country, he doesn't fight for the SecDef, he doesn't even fight for his mom and dad. He fights for the guys on either side of him and for his team. He fights to secure his objective of the moment, which he may or may not understand or agree with. Sec Rumsfeld doesn't need to take time from his day to sign a form letter of condolence and he certainly doesn't need to take time to figure out what the LCpl was doing when he was killed or what kind of a man he was. His job is to make sure the LCpl didn't die in vain and that only as few LCpl's as possible will have to die to end this war in a successful manner.

Don't get me wrong, we would appreciate the condolence letter from the SecDef, as well as one from the White House and from our Senator and Representative, from the Mayor and Governor. But none would bring back our son. And they are all form letters, signatures be damned. A letter from his 1stSgt, from the men we know in his unit would be a treasure and a comfort.
I don't know what happens in other branches, or even other units. But in 2/4, I know the 1stSgt's personally contact the surviving family with letters, emails and phone calls of condolence.

By the way, we know families of fallen Marines who've been flown to sites where President Bush was speaking. He met with them privately after his event, never any press coverage, and the families have said that - after being given an agenda for their time with the President and being told that he's on a very tight schedule - Mr. Bush talked to every family member as long as they wanted to talk, never hurried anyone, cried with family, hugged everyone and they all felt like he had nothing else to do for the rest of the day but bring comfort to them. For that, George W. Bush has my eternal respect and gratitude. And there was NEVER one word of publicity surrounding any of these meetings with families. (I have pictures to dissuade doubters.)

Bottom line, we support Sec Rumsfeld. The people who are making a big deal about this have their heads up their collective a****. They need to have a serious priority check on what people in positions of responsibility should be doing with their time. They should also chat with some military families if they could figure out how to contact them."

Monday, December 20, 2004

Another BAD message for minorities

The Washington Post has been running a series on "the changes in the middle of the U.S. workforce" with the latest installment called A Tenuous Hold on the Middle Class. This dribble is a travesty! The minorities in this country who continue to listen to a message of "whatever your situation is it isn't your fault" is going to keep them in that situation. This article is full of glass half empty attitude and includes statistics that show economic progress for blacks (used in this article along with the african american label for you PC a-holes) but the article dismisses these each time. It takes an example of one black family where their combined income of $60k (and with her being a college grad) has them barely making it. They live in a dangerous neighborhood that the author calls a "concrete complex", as if the "man" makes the poor folks apartment buildings out of concrete and the rich white folks apartment buildings out of nice squishy stuff. The author points out all things that are so tough for this family without questioning whether any of the choices this couple made contribute. They have $80k in debt that includes a student loan, auto loan and credit cards. The student loan is noble enough, but did they buy more car than they should have? Is a struggling family making a wise choice to run up credit card debt? The author points out the husband has no degree and the couple has two kids. Well, did they have kids prior to making their education and a job a first priority? Did they think about how they would support a family before having a family? Does someone have them chained to these particular jobs and apartment in Florida? I could list 100 questions that might expose a poor choice that leads to their situation.

I could find a family of any race that has a similar or more unfair sounding story. A couple both with english lit Phd's with 4 kids and low paying hourly jobs...gosh shouldn't a Phd guarantee a middle or upper middle class lifestyle? This is the problem....this is not a hand out earn your way and the better choices you make the better off you will be. Until the black, and other minority groups, start thinking like Bill Cosby they will forever be stuck in a barely getting by state. Personal responsibility and knowing that your future is yours to make and not provided for you is the key to economic success...and the same values extend to family and social choices, and structure, that make for a happy and healthy home which is key for raising kids that will propagate the same success.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Celebrity Pundit Intellect, an Oxymoron!

Chevy Chase, Woopy Goldberg, Sean Penn, Bono, Barbara Streisand........all so well spoken, so enlightened, so above the common man and all so completely F'ING stupid. It's interesting how fame and money is, for some, like smoking pot. Right about the time the munchies kick in you also start blathering about atomic structure, or a wireless battery, or some other great product idea all of which is of course total nonsense. (Pop, I only know this from reading about it in my youth!). It's interesting that the fame part seems to be the final ingredient that sends these Celundits (my new word) into the delusional state of suddenly believing that you're not only an expert on numerous subjects you know nothing about, but also that people need to know what you think you know. It must be the fame part since I have plenty of business associates far wealthier than all but the richest celebrities and they don't suffer this affliction. You also won't see many wealthy company executives holding press conferences or turning their latest speech into a political lecture. This affliction, while extending to the music world and a lesser extent to the professional athlete maybe has another component. I will speculate that many (NOT ALL, so don't get in a hissy) actors really don't struggle or work all that hard at what they do. When they do finally make it to the double digit millions per film lets face it the several months spent making a movie is an experience many would pay money for. So maybe its also coupled to a subconscious guilt that you know your being paid an insane amount of money for really a silly endeavor.

Chevy Chase is the latest to go off the deep end....although his celebrity and net worth these days is probably on the extreme low end of this affliction....maybe he thinks he is still a super star and wealthy so one delusion feeds the other. On Tuesday Chase gave an F bomb tirade about our president at an awards ceremony staged by People for the American Way. Apparently many in attendance were taken aback by this and thought it inappropriate. That's interesting since the "People for the American Way" should really be called "People for changing the American Way to Something Not American" You only need to know that during the event Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin were given Defender of Democracy awards. Ah, are you people smoking crack? Anyway a way funny parody interview with Chevy Chase inspired by his very intellectual tirade.

SF Communist City Council

As a local radio host calls them the SF Board of Stupidvisors is trying to put a city law in place that would ban ownership of handguns in city limits. The logic behind this is so completed flawed that if you can't see it you obviously believe government should more control to the point of being able to hold the citizenry hostage. The 2nd Amendment's intent is to prevent that and also to have a citizen militia always at the ready. Now you could argue that the later is a dated concept but the communist tendencies of so many politicians makes the former a real concern. You can call me a nut but better than half the country I KNOW agree with me..and maybe more. Gun ownership is also a part of history and those who completely abhor it for any reason don't believe in personal responsibility. They believe we shouldn't have a choice...they believe we can't deter or fix those who would do wrong and instead must remove every burr that might catch your shirt sleeve as you walk by, every curb, stair and door must accommodate any imaginable handicap, and so on. It won't end there you know....once you buy into the gun and not the person kills, then you better take my kitchen knives, my chain saw, my hammer, my baseball bat and for sure my vehicle. Because if I have no deterrent (or I'm just insane) I don't need a gun to kill you or 30 people standing in a movie F-150 could take out plenty.

These idiots in SF think this will make SF safer...The reality is it will attract criminals to SF. It's a well know fact in criminology that criminals are mortified of robbing a home or person who they think could be armed. Yes there are the crazies who have no regard for danger, but that's not the norm. SF has made it easy to be gay in their city so guess what the gay population is like? SF has made it easy to be homeless, pan handle and be a street bum so guess what that population is like there? And now they will advertise that every law abiding citizen who lives in the city limits will turn in and their guns. With no fear for criminals and no protection for the homeowner guess what population will increase in SF?

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Where's that armor!

I occasionally read the weblog Lance in Iraq by Lance Frizzell, a 2nd Lt Medical Platoon Leader with the Tennessee National Guard 287th Regimental Combat Team, currently serving in Northern Iraq. Today I linked to a piece he wrote on the hypocrisy of liberals and, as he puts it, the lefty media with respect to criticism of Rumsfeld. The treatment is certainly partisan but then again the biggest example of this was the number of media types that gave Clinton a pass on his many transgressions that a GOP pres would have been crucified for. Lance also has several other good posts today as well.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

YOU STILL don't get it!

People just don't get it......the separation of church and state that the founding fathers had in mind didn't mean that as part of the states business you can't, or shouldn't, mention or acknowledge the existence of a god! If that was the case they wouldn't have mentioned the big guy so much in our framing documents. The pledge of allegiance while not a creation of the founding fathers (and in fact was modified to include "under god" in 1954 by Congress) was understood to be a patriotic oath and a public prayer. It is a part of our history, our tradition and it has been a ritual at the start of so many grade school classes and meetings at all levels of government without controversy over "god" for 50 years . And so today we see an example of snubbing the pledge with the old over used and nearly never correctly applied separation of church and state BS!

So why now? Because we have so many F'ing idiot politically correct liberal morons who are willing to throw American traditions out the window while they will embrace traditions not originating here. You will note that every time we have a story like this the F'ing idiot will say to the reporter they consider themselves a patriot....ya well you're not...usually when you meet someone who tells you they're a good golfer you can be sure they can't break 100....same for leftists who feel they need to say they're patriots!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Let's stir it up a bit!

I came to the conclusion long ago that the supposed black (yes black, since the Congressional Black Caucus still uses that label so I will too) leaders don't work for equality but in fact promote separatism. Many of these leaders cry racism in cases where it doesn't exist, they lobby for special treatment based on skin color and create groups, events and holidays that promote nose thumbing and not acceptance and extort large corporations in the name equal rights. Minorities who seek acceptance and equal treatment from whomever the majority is must insist on a level playing field and not one stacked in their favor. Quotas, affirmative action and the like are misguided deck stacking that makes most people still see color. These leaders don't want a colorblind society since their power and celebrity comes from the opposite.

The Christmas season brings out an example of what I'm sure many blacks consider a celebration of their culture, but Kwanzza and the "black nativity" are shams. A puff piece in the SFGate misses the sad separatist attitude of those in the story (and for those of you who deplore that I use the word "black", note it's use in the SFGate story). Rewriting history to change skin color isn't celebrating promotes it. Children, I believe, are born color blind...their parents and environment form their colored view of the world. Black children don't have an identity problem because they see a white Santa or Jesus.

As for's amazing that so many blacks embrace this as their holiday (and reject others) especially considering its origin. I found an interesting website of black writers and artists with a Less Than Complimentary View of Kwanzza and its inventor!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Where's the media frenzy?

Clinton pardon recipient and democratic money man Marc Rich appears to be a central figure in the U.N. oil-for-food where is the media frenzy? If a Bush had pardoned Rich this would be page one, story one everywhere....this story is going to get more and more interesting as more participants are identified.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Internet Causes Media Retirements!

The latest dinosaur media talking head to retire is Bill Moyers.....his recent remarks show his obvious bias and that he like most in the media think they report facts without spin or leaning. I could write a thousand words on examples of spin reporting by any of the big and old guard media elite. Moyers and others use sound bites like "the right-wing media has become a partisan propaganda arm of the Republican National Committee" as if some giant conservative media machine was suddenly planted on the planet by the RNC...there is just Foxnews and half a dozen syndicated talk radio hosts along with many local talk radio right wingers that make up the conservative media. They all started not so many years ago with no noise or fanfare and slowly got discovered by those o f us disgusted by the crap big media flung at us. Aside from how absurd this conspiratorial BS about being a propaganda arm is, did the RNC also force all the millions across the country to tune in? Of course not you bozos! The message, the topics and how they were talked about appealed to millions and the ratings started moving to Fox and the conservative talk radio stations. But Moyers and those like him won't acknowledge that their message lines up with a big audience. Instead they imply that if you listen and are influenced your stupid since a propaganda label implies illegitimate content.

But besides a conservative message that resonates with better than half the country diminishing the power of the old guard media elites was the impact of the Internet. The blogsphere plays a huge role for sure...but the ability to research a topic and find endless information on even the most obscure topics in seconds was huge. Everyone with a connection to the web can do their own fact checking of a story they hear on the news. The result? You look up the facts yourself...often finding not just both sides but in many cases a source with no axe to grind and little to no bias....and as you compare the real story to big media's version you realize just how misleading and biased they are.

Call it want you want Billy, but your glory days are over, good riddance.

Academia's Xerox Club

It's interesting that the country is roughly split down the middle on the major issues that really separate liberals and conservatives given our educational institutions from kindergarten thru graduate schools are dominated by left of center liberals. This is encouraging in that as our young people exit The People's Republic of and experience the real world roughly half make their way to a conservative stance. Sure some kids may start conservative and manage to stay that way, but looking at level of worldly understanding of your average high school graduate I would say most are easily brainwashed by their carbon copy (Xerox) prof's during their 4 or more years at commi-U. I suspect as these neophyte adults get a job and start to take on responsibilities (financial and otherwise) and also see for the first time how fellow workers may abuse the workplace system (coast on the job, fake a workers comp claim, bad mouth the company, etc.) their perspective changes. Surely many make a transition once they buy their first home and have their first child....that changes everything.

This topic comes to mind because of two recent stories, first about liberal turncoat (god love him) Zell Miller who upon retiring was going to move to his home town of Young Harris, Georgia where he also had previously taught at the local college. Miller apparently had a teaching position waiting for him there but he declined it after a history prof there (whose wife is academic dean) wrote him a vitriolic letter which then got published in local papers. The duplicity displayed by so many academics is amazing. Diversity of thought and debate is hardly alive and well at most of our educational institutions.

A similar situation at Harvard has occurred with another Bush supporter. Thank god most of the staff at Harvard says the attitude towards new Prof Jack Goldsmith (former Assistant Attorney General) is wrong. But some of the faculty think a memo Goldsmith wrote arguing that CIA officials could transfer Iraqi detainees out of their native country for interrogation without violating the Geneva Convention in fact condoned torture (nice leap) and so he shouldn't be on the staff. I love how the anti-war (and for many anti-war-ever) left want kid glove treatment of captured enemy solders and then in a second breath will say more troops, guns and ammo are needed to fight. You guys are screwing up not having more fire power to kill the enemy, but if you happen to capture him don't scratch his head, don't even hurt his feelings. Ah yes duplicity once again.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Groups against success and wealth

It seems to me that there are more communists living among us than anyone would suspect. I'm not talking about the card carrying kind, I'm talking about the kind who dont' go by that monicker and are bothered by the success and wealth of others . They constantly promote wealth re-distribution and think someone who makes $10m a year somehow uses more of our countries infrastructure than someone making $50k. Today this money hating crowd comes to mind with the CEO (Jamie Court) of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights complaining that our Governor (the Terminator) isn't releasing the details of his income and instead only how much he paid in taxes and charitable contributions. Both numbers suggest he made a lot and gave a lot.

So what's Court's concern? That "If you don't know how much he makes, you don't know what loopholes he's benefiting from, and you don't know what tax policies he adopts that are good for him or bad for him." What a f'ing moron. Unless Arnold gets the entire state legislature to either pass a tax break specifically for a) someone named Arnold Schwarzenegger or b) whomever is the governor of California any tax policies he pushes that benefit him will also benefit me! But people like this don't believe in trickle down. They think when we buy expensive things (cars, homes, planes, etc) or invest in start-ups, or a REIT, or a hedge fund, or play the options market, or buy income properties, blah, blah, blah....that somehow all of these transactions only see money going into the hands of other rich folks. Somehow all this spending, investing and putting money to work magically bypasses everyone at the lowest income levels entirely...pretty neat trick isn't it?

We have been surrounded by these nouveau communists for a long fact I think most are indoctrinated by being in a profession that requires they join a union. The union mentality is akin to the Borg of Star Trek. There is no reason for individuality in philosophy or excelling at ones job since it isn't appreciated or rewarded. And the "entitlement" attitude also runs rampant in this group. Over 7 years ago I wrote a letter to a local paper in response to similar dribble they response (Economic success is up to individuals) was also published and still appears on their site.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

You Don't Get It

Some accused me of lumping all gays together in a previous post, but I defend using generalizations when the majority of the group fits the position. Media liberal elites still don't get it! Check out The Nascar Nightly News: Anchorman Get Your Gun by Frank Rich in the NYTimes. I believe people like Rich are actually promoting a bigger divide than we already have. I may joke and pick on liberals but I only believe a problem lies in the politicians and those in, or with access to, the media who are hard left. Most of my employees are liberal and they line up with me on some positions and aren't far off on others. I believe that's probably the case for the majority of the country. But people like Rich think they are making some scary point by suggesting there is something wrong with people who like guns, fishing and Nascar. This guy (and I think many like him) really want, believe and promote that those with polar opposite views to his must be socially, economically, intellectually different from himself. I think that this shows a lack of confidence in your positions. If you were supremely confident in your positions you wouldn't be so eager to suggest that those in opposition of them have some kind of defect or are stupid. For Rich he says they like things he thinks are dumb, therefore they are themselves dumb, and that explains it. That's really the definition of elitism to me.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Wonderful Gays!

Thanks to the gay activists and the no spine management at Target the Salvation Army will have a mighty big shortfall this Christmas season. The hypocrisy of groups that claim to only want equal treatment is laughable. Way to go Sitzplinkers!

Thanks Pop for pointing this out to me.

Natural Selection

Being a man of science I believe in natural selection even as it relates to the survival of man (well at least some men). Apparently some liberals have invented a mental disorder (I know that wild man Michael Savage calls liberalism a brain disorder, I guess this is a sub-species) called Post Election Selection Trauma (PEST). This is just too funny.....while Taranto of the WSJ called this the The Gift That Keeps on Giving, I like to call it another example of natural selection. Some choice excerpts from the story:

"It's no joke. People with PEST were traumatized by the election. If you even mention religion, their faces turn blister-red as they shout at Bush."

"I'm scared," said one man. "Democracy is at stake and nobody is rising to protest this president."

"The media outlets, especially Rush Limbaugh and his ilk on talk radio, scare our patients to death," said Gordon, facilitator for the meetings. "More than anything else, people with PEST tremble physically.”"

Brain disorders continue in wake of Bush re-election

I guess some people think war is never justified, even while your enemy fires a bullet into your skull. I guess some people think Bush alone knew the WMD stockpiles wouldn't be found in spite of pre-war intelligence of our own and from numerous allies. I guess some people think a president should never rally the troops and citizenry when we are at war. I guess some people think Bush is the anti-christ (oh wait, that would presume they're somewhat religious, never mind). But I don't guess, I know, that some are still bitter and continue to put out completely skewed and illogical vitriolic crap because they are blinded by their hatred of Bush.

Take for example this conspiracy theory evil Bush piece by Mark Morford in SFGate (ok, well maybe this being a San Fran based operation explains it..but).

I looked at those pics....sure some are nasty, sad and awful....ok, so I suppose you think if you could even walk around with a camera pre-Saddam removal you would find smiling faces, flowers, a thriving economy, excellent education and healthcare and so on? I suppose you think the military allowing basically anybody who wants to show up in Iraq (press, celebs, etc.) and all the embedded reporters is masterfully run is like the fake landing on the moon? This is the most open and information heavy military action ever in history.....if the military wanted to (and I would be for it) they could have never allowed a single press person into Iraq.

Give me a break...if you assembled pics of the murders, assaults and generally crime of one individual causing harm every day in the US and just for one day it would look just as bad. So what! To say that anybody thinks this war, or any war, is a well oil and executed operation is pretending there is someone out there to disagree with. The republican base and those who voted for Bush don't think that....they don't all even like that we did it...but we did, so first do it right and finish the job...second find the positives that can come from it.

My buddy Mike shot this article to me and found some quotes that Morford made in various interviews....I think this one shows his colors....the standard elite leftist mantra that to disagree with his views and have supported Bush you must be a knuckle dragging dolt homophobe racist.

A particularly pointed anti-Bush anti-war column will get me gobs of sneering hate mail, mostly from the delirious, hardcore psychopatriots at or or, et al, where they post chunks of my column in their discussion forums, along with my e-mail address, and encourage each other to flame me, usually in the cutest sort of monosyllabic, ragingly homophobic, horribly syntaxed, misspelled sort of way. Makes me proud to be an American. My girlfriend loves the anti-SF gay-bashing they aim my way, I might add

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Tiny's Readers, Help me understand!

I did my first post yesterday that included AIDS and gays in the, a flood of comments? So what's up with that? Clearly I have some readers that are to the left of me on some topics and yet nobody felt strongly about "And Yet More Insanity"? Those of you who worry about home land security efforts and how it could affect civil liberties, our treatment of prisoners of war, or profiling in law enforcement, blah, blah....but are you fine with our education system rewriting or suppressing our very own history? What the &*#$ gives?

Negotiations or Military Action in Iran?

Iran is heating up....supposedly working on delivery mechanisms that could reach EU.....Suicide commando units forming that pledge suicide bomb attacks on Americans and Israelis. It will be interesting to see what response we see from our UN Oil For Food conspirators in Europe on this! If this goes military we HAVE to have a coalition that isn't so US heavy as we are already stretched thin.....lets hope this fizzles.

CNN's allegiance lies where?

You may have seen the story yesterday that originated in the LA Times about how the military purposely gave false information to a reporter about when the action in Falujja started. The supposed purpose was to gauge and understand the reaction on the ground by the enemy and CNN was happy to use its signal to inform the terrorist insurgents that they should run and hide, or load their weapons for American troops were on there way. Interesting that CNN (or anyone) seems to think that essentially warning the enemy was ok, but if that warning was false their having been duped by the US Military in an effort against an enemy is questioned. You have to wonder how things would be in America if the US media didn't participate in the disinformation broadcast during WWII?

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Gays Get AIDS On Purpose

The title of this post might get me some flaming, but I don't care. A federal study released today shows AIDS cases rising among gay and bisexual men. It also says that these men account for the majority of the approximately 900,000 Americans with reported cases of AIDS. But the main point I want to make here is the rise in cases among this group. I thought the gay community wanted us to believe they are just like me...caring, loving people with family values and in monogamous relationships...just with the same sex. Well Bullshit! Its clear that the gay sex orgies, bath houses and just plain promiscuous lifestyle of the gay community that they claim is an invalid stereotype is alive and well. These people know the risks, but clearly they choose to ignore it...for all I know there's a unspoken badge of honor in the gay community when your infected. The total disregard for many things good, decent and normal is appalling.

It's also interesting that the study found that since 1990 blacks who only represent 13% of the population for this period make up 51.3% of all HIV and AIDS cases diagnosed in the same period. I'm not sure what that tells us....would be curious to see what people suggest is the reason for this BIG TIME anomaly!

UDPATE 1: My buddy Kurt just shot me a link to a Rolling Stone article that validates my hunch on the badge of honor. Get ready to learn about Bug Chasers....sick bastards!

UPDATE 2: Kurt comes thru again with a story that may be one of the reasons for the numbers in the black community.

And yet more insanity!

First, its common knowledge that the California public school system is dominated by leftist and there are few if any arguments that those in the media are not of the same color. Case in point, the Cupertino California 5th grade school teacher who has been barred from using all of, or portions of, our very own Declaration of Independence because the word (you guessed it) "god" appears in the document. Now, I could go off for a thousand words at the complete lunacy behind this.....but my head hurts so lets just ask a few questions. So how do you teach US history without looking at, reading and talking about this document? How can you possibly justify not? Why would a historical document and HISTORY ITSELF somehow offend anyone or cross a church and state line? When you were in grade or high school do you even remember the context of the word "god" in early American historical documents or writings of the time? Of course not, they didn't preach or sway...they just reflected the beliefs of those involved in creating our history.

Then there is the lack of media coverage of this insanity. The number of Google hits on this story is paltry. It should be huge news and cause at a minimum every Bush voter outrage. I think it also proves (at least to me) that those who are terrified of the word "god" especially in this context and agree with the action taken against the teacher are just down right America hatters and something akin to communists. I also lump in the media...look at the San Jose Mercury News story title from the link above....wouldn't YOU write the headline as "Public School Bars Use of Declaration of Independence in class" Isn't that the story? But while all of these MF'rs are in fact America hatters they think they are patriots in supposedly not offending anyone and in their sick minds acting as the protectors of the church and state boundary the original framers had in mind.....these folks need to not be teaching or infecting our youth!

More Christmas without the word!

While watching the news this morning before heading to work I saw a Jack In The Box commercial which is set in what I guess is suppose to be their headquarters. People are all walking around the office with hats that all have to do with Christmas (santa hats, hats with antlers, etc.) as each person greets another they all say "hey Good Holiday Spirit" see Jack on some hat and then the commercial ends with the usual take out bag dropping onto a table and its what they call a reindeer ball on the bag instead of their logo. No balls in corporate America anymore...but really, do those who don't believe Jesus was the son of God automatically feel like their being given a religious message if you use the word Christmas but they don't even with all the decorations that are synonymous with Christmas but you avoid the word? I don't think so...IDIOTS!