Saturday, December 04, 2004

You Don't Get It

Some accused me of lumping all gays together in a previous post, but I defend using generalizations when the majority of the group fits the position. Media liberal elites still don't get it! Check out The Nascar Nightly News: Anchorman Get Your Gun by Frank Rich in the NYTimes. I believe people like Rich are actually promoting a bigger divide than we already have. I may joke and pick on liberals but I only believe a problem lies in the politicians and those in, or with access to, the media who are hard left. Most of my employees are liberal and they line up with me on some positions and aren't far off on others. I believe that's probably the case for the majority of the country. But people like Rich think they are making some scary point by suggesting there is something wrong with people who like guns, fishing and Nascar. This guy (and I think many like him) really want, believe and promote that those with polar opposite views to his must be socially, economically, intellectually different from himself. I think that this shows a lack of confidence in your positions. If you were supremely confident in your positions you wouldn't be so eager to suggest that those in opposition of them have some kind of defect or are stupid. For Rich he says they like things he thinks are dumb, therefore they are themselves dumb, and that explains it. That's really the definition of elitism to me.


Anonymous said...

I know you hate Rall, so prepare to be even more angry:

Tiny said...

Rall is an idiot....he tries to act like an intellectual and yet his most inflamatory statements (not in that piece but in others and in interviews) are based on facts NOT in evidence.