Friday, December 17, 2004

SF Communist City Council

As a local radio host calls them the SF Board of Stupidvisors is trying to put a city law in place that would ban ownership of handguns in city limits. The logic behind this is so completed flawed that if you can't see it you obviously believe government should more control to the point of being able to hold the citizenry hostage. The 2nd Amendment's intent is to prevent that and also to have a citizen militia always at the ready. Now you could argue that the later is a dated concept but the communist tendencies of so many politicians makes the former a real concern. You can call me a nut but better than half the country I KNOW agree with me..and maybe more. Gun ownership is also a part of history and those who completely abhor it for any reason don't believe in personal responsibility. They believe we shouldn't have a choice...they believe we can't deter or fix those who would do wrong and instead must remove every burr that might catch your shirt sleeve as you walk by, every curb, stair and door must accommodate any imaginable handicap, and so on. It won't end there you know....once you buy into the gun and not the person kills, then you better take my kitchen knives, my chain saw, my hammer, my baseball bat and for sure my vehicle. Because if I have no deterrent (or I'm just insane) I don't need a gun to kill you or 30 people standing in a movie F-150 could take out plenty.

These idiots in SF think this will make SF safer...The reality is it will attract criminals to SF. It's a well know fact in criminology that criminals are mortified of robbing a home or person who they think could be armed. Yes there are the crazies who have no regard for danger, but that's not the norm. SF has made it easy to be gay in their city so guess what the gay population is like? SF has made it easy to be homeless, pan handle and be a street bum so guess what that population is like there? And now they will advertise that every law abiding citizen who lives in the city limits will turn in and their guns. With no fear for criminals and no protection for the homeowner guess what population will increase in SF?

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