Friday, December 17, 2004

Celebrity Pundit Intellect, an Oxymoron!

Chevy Chase, Woopy Goldberg, Sean Penn, Bono, Barbara Streisand........all so well spoken, so enlightened, so above the common man and all so completely F'ING stupid. It's interesting how fame and money is, for some, like smoking pot. Right about the time the munchies kick in you also start blathering about atomic structure, or a wireless battery, or some other great product idea all of which is of course total nonsense. (Pop, I only know this from reading about it in my youth!). It's interesting that the fame part seems to be the final ingredient that sends these Celundits (my new word) into the delusional state of suddenly believing that you're not only an expert on numerous subjects you know nothing about, but also that people need to know what you think you know. It must be the fame part since I have plenty of business associates far wealthier than all but the richest celebrities and they don't suffer this affliction. You also won't see many wealthy company executives holding press conferences or turning their latest speech into a political lecture. This affliction, while extending to the music world and a lesser extent to the professional athlete maybe has another component. I will speculate that many (NOT ALL, so don't get in a hissy) actors really don't struggle or work all that hard at what they do. When they do finally make it to the double digit millions per film lets face it the several months spent making a movie is an experience many would pay money for. So maybe its also coupled to a subconscious guilt that you know your being paid an insane amount of money for really a silly endeavor.

Chevy Chase is the latest to go off the deep end....although his celebrity and net worth these days is probably on the extreme low end of this affliction....maybe he thinks he is still a super star and wealthy so one delusion feeds the other. On Tuesday Chase gave an F bomb tirade about our president at an awards ceremony staged by People for the American Way. Apparently many in attendance were taken aback by this and thought it inappropriate. That's interesting since the "People for the American Way" should really be called "People for changing the American Way to Something Not American" You only need to know that during the event Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin were given Defender of Democracy awards. Ah, are you people smoking crack? Anyway a way funny parody interview with Chevy Chase inspired by his very intellectual tirade.

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