Wednesday, December 15, 2004

YOU STILL don't get it!

People just don't get it......the separation of church and state that the founding fathers had in mind didn't mean that as part of the states business you can't, or shouldn't, mention or acknowledge the existence of a god! If that was the case they wouldn't have mentioned the big guy so much in our framing documents. The pledge of allegiance while not a creation of the founding fathers (and in fact was modified to include "under god" in 1954 by Congress) was understood to be a patriotic oath and a public prayer. It is a part of our history, our tradition and it has been a ritual at the start of so many grade school classes and meetings at all levels of government without controversy over "god" for 50 years . And so today we see an example of snubbing the pledge with the old over used and nearly never correctly applied separation of church and state BS!

So why now? Because we have so many F'ing idiot politically correct liberal morons who are willing to throw American traditions out the window while they will embrace traditions not originating here. You will note that every time we have a story like this the F'ing idiot will say to the reporter they consider themselves a patriot....ya well you're not...usually when you meet someone who tells you they're a good golfer you can be sure they can't break 100....same for leftists who feel they need to say they're patriots!

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