Friday, December 10, 2004

Academia's Xerox Club

It's interesting that the country is roughly split down the middle on the major issues that really separate liberals and conservatives given our educational institutions from kindergarten thru graduate schools are dominated by left of center liberals. This is encouraging in that as our young people exit The People's Republic of and experience the real world roughly half make their way to a conservative stance. Sure some kids may start conservative and manage to stay that way, but looking at level of worldly understanding of your average high school graduate I would say most are easily brainwashed by their carbon copy (Xerox) prof's during their 4 or more years at commi-U. I suspect as these neophyte adults get a job and start to take on responsibilities (financial and otherwise) and also see for the first time how fellow workers may abuse the workplace system (coast on the job, fake a workers comp claim, bad mouth the company, etc.) their perspective changes. Surely many make a transition once they buy their first home and have their first child....that changes everything.

This topic comes to mind because of two recent stories, first about liberal turncoat (god love him) Zell Miller who upon retiring was going to move to his home town of Young Harris, Georgia where he also had previously taught at the local college. Miller apparently had a teaching position waiting for him there but he declined it after a history prof there (whose wife is academic dean) wrote him a vitriolic letter which then got published in local papers. The duplicity displayed by so many academics is amazing. Diversity of thought and debate is hardly alive and well at most of our educational institutions.

A similar situation at Harvard has occurred with another Bush supporter. Thank god most of the staff at Harvard says the attitude towards new Prof Jack Goldsmith (former Assistant Attorney General) is wrong. But some of the faculty think a memo Goldsmith wrote arguing that CIA officials could transfer Iraqi detainees out of their native country for interrogation without violating the Geneva Convention in fact condoned torture (nice leap) and so he shouldn't be on the staff. I love how the anti-war (and for many anti-war-ever) left want kid glove treatment of captured enemy solders and then in a second breath will say more troops, guns and ammo are needed to fight. You guys are screwing up not having more fire power to kill the enemy, but if you happen to capture him don't scratch his head, don't even hurt his feelings. Ah yes duplicity once again.

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