Friday, December 10, 2004

Internet Causes Media Retirements!

The latest dinosaur media talking head to retire is Bill Moyers.....his recent remarks show his obvious bias and that he like most in the media think they report facts without spin or leaning. I could write a thousand words on examples of spin reporting by any of the big and old guard media elite. Moyers and others use sound bites like "the right-wing media has become a partisan propaganda arm of the Republican National Committee" as if some giant conservative media machine was suddenly planted on the planet by the RNC...there is just Foxnews and half a dozen syndicated talk radio hosts along with many local talk radio right wingers that make up the conservative media. They all started not so many years ago with no noise or fanfare and slowly got discovered by those o f us disgusted by the crap big media flung at us. Aside from how absurd this conspiratorial BS about being a propaganda arm is, did the RNC also force all the millions across the country to tune in? Of course not you bozos! The message, the topics and how they were talked about appealed to millions and the ratings started moving to Fox and the conservative talk radio stations. But Moyers and those like him won't acknowledge that their message lines up with a big audience. Instead they imply that if you listen and are influenced your stupid since a propaganda label implies illegitimate content.

But besides a conservative message that resonates with better than half the country diminishing the power of the old guard media elites was the impact of the Internet. The blogsphere plays a huge role for sure...but the ability to research a topic and find endless information on even the most obscure topics in seconds was huge. Everyone with a connection to the web can do their own fact checking of a story they hear on the news. The result? You look up the facts yourself...often finding not just both sides but in many cases a source with no axe to grind and little to no bias....and as you compare the real story to big media's version you realize just how misleading and biased they are.

Call it want you want Billy, but your glory days are over, good riddance.

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