Friday, December 03, 2004

Brain disorders continue in wake of Bush re-election

I guess some people think war is never justified, even while your enemy fires a bullet into your skull. I guess some people think Bush alone knew the WMD stockpiles wouldn't be found in spite of pre-war intelligence of our own and from numerous allies. I guess some people think a president should never rally the troops and citizenry when we are at war. I guess some people think Bush is the anti-christ (oh wait, that would presume they're somewhat religious, never mind). But I don't guess, I know, that some are still bitter and continue to put out completely skewed and illogical vitriolic crap because they are blinded by their hatred of Bush.

Take for example this conspiracy theory evil Bush piece by Mark Morford in SFGate (ok, well maybe this being a San Fran based operation explains it..but).

I looked at those pics....sure some are nasty, sad and awful....ok, so I suppose you think if you could even walk around with a camera pre-Saddam removal you would find smiling faces, flowers, a thriving economy, excellent education and healthcare and so on? I suppose you think the military allowing basically anybody who wants to show up in Iraq (press, celebs, etc.) and all the embedded reporters is masterfully run is like the fake landing on the moon? This is the most open and information heavy military action ever in history.....if the military wanted to (and I would be for it) they could have never allowed a single press person into Iraq.

Give me a break...if you assembled pics of the murders, assaults and generally crime of one individual causing harm every day in the US and just for one day it would look just as bad. So what! To say that anybody thinks this war, or any war, is a well oil and executed operation is pretending there is someone out there to disagree with. The republican base and those who voted for Bush don't think that....they don't all even like that we did it...but we did, so first do it right and finish the job...second find the positives that can come from it.

My buddy Mike shot this article to me and found some quotes that Morford made in various interviews....I think this one shows his colors....the standard elite leftist mantra that to disagree with his views and have supported Bush you must be a knuckle dragging dolt homophobe racist.

A particularly pointed anti-Bush anti-war column will get me gobs of sneering hate mail, mostly from the delirious, hardcore psychopatriots at or or, et al, where they post chunks of my column in their discussion forums, along with my e-mail address, and encourage each other to flame me, usually in the cutest sort of monosyllabic, ragingly homophobic, horribly syntaxed, misspelled sort of way. Makes me proud to be an American. My girlfriend loves the anti-SF gay-bashing they aim my way, I might add

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