Monday, July 31, 2006

Cracker says "tar baby"....oh my!

This weekend a "cracker" used the phrase "tar baby" to describe the issues with the big dig (and why did anybody outside of Boston or MA need to pay for that?). Of course anybody with even a few brain cells knows the use of this phrase referred to the big dig being a sticky mess (basically the original definition). But apparently some black leaders think Gov. Romney was calling the big dig fiasco an especially dark skinned black person!

Hey black leaders...get over your F'ing self! We are all not fixated on a hatred for black people and so use terms "supposedly" used by some in a derogatory way towards black people but use them instead for bad situations or inanimate objects!!!! It's not all about YOU! You obviously hate yourself, being black and black people since you're constantly bringing negative attention to a race problem in situations where it doesn't exist. I suppose if Bush was heard telling someone at a dinner that he loves having a few Oreo's at night with a glass of milk that these same people would say his statement was racist and not about eating cookies!

Romney felt compelled to make an apology after these mysterious leaders, who lead all bitter-my-lot-in-life-is-some-crackers-fault blacks, cried "racist" I have less respect for Romney. He should have just said give me a break....the term means a sticky mess...end of story!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Do your homework

There's a lot going on in the world. The most important thing going on is a human cancer called Islam. You can take the position that I'm be unfair painting all those who follow Islam as a cancer...but you would be wrong. I know because I have done my homework. From around the world I've read probably 100 blogs and articles and dozens of interviews from news outlets across the spectrum. The key to forming a meaningful and absolute position is having enough information from many sources pro and con. On my calling Islam a cancer I base this on countless first hand accounts from those effected by and living among this cancer in the many countries that have seen the cancer in action in the last decade.

This cancer has many names...Islamic extremist, Islamic fundamentalist, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, and so on. But the common thread with these groups spread across the globe is Islam and a evil interpretations of Sharia (Islamic Law) and of the Qur'an (believed to be the word of God as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad). This is our enemy and he is loves the idea of his own death and yours more than we love our life. That is not a mentality that one negotiates or co-exists with. It is one that must be exterminated at all costs.....if you don't understand that you HAVE NOT done your homework...research, study and stop single sourcing your opinions and unless you're a died in the wool pacifist you'll agree with me.

Back to my main message of "do your homework". Everyday I see a person on tv, or hear them on the radio, or chat with them at the work coffee machine, or at a family dinner, or on the sidewalk in front of my house....and they have not done their homework. Not just on the issue of Islamic terrorism, but on every issue that would make the top 20 of today. Everyday I'm subjected to dozens, or hundreds, of people who have formed strict unbending positions on a topic without understanding the topic at a grade school level. How do I know this? Because I ask questions of my unscholarly victims and it rarely takes more than a few questions challenging their position before the charade of their understanding the topic is apparent. I'm not saying these people are stupid, merely lazy.

What's almost as scary as the global Islamic cancer is the number of people who see one tv news story, or read one story in their local paper, or hear from a single friend a passionate oration, and they have their solid position. They're sure this is the correct position and they will even talk about it with passion and as if it's as certain as 2+2=4. Could they be right, or better put could their position hold up to scrutiny and research...sure it could...but it would be lucky if their one source of knowledge on the topic turned out to the best one. But see, that's not my point...that you must have the RIGHT point is don't be so sure, so foaming at the mouth, so righteous when you do not have the facts at hand. If you've not done a good job at trying to understand the positions of those at the poles of a topic as well as seeking a source that has the appearance of independence, well then your staunch position is dishonest.

So before you believe in your position on Iraq, Israel, Iran, North Korea, Global Warming, Nuclear power, Gay marriage, trickle down economics, public schools, affirmative action, illegal immigration, military interrogation methods, and countless other topics....before you set your position in your homework!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

He would get my vote!

If only there were a lot more congressional candidates like Vernon Robinson. Glock26 shot me a link to the best campaign tv ad I've seen and it's Vernon's! check out Vernon's latest Ad here. If he was in my area of California, instead of North Carolina, he would get my vote....of course living in Silicon Valley is the twilight zone so sadly his common sense would be his undoing in this area!

Partisanship in your face

First....I'm back!

It's just amazing that the Dems haven't done something about Dean....the picture of a section from this morning's says it all...just amazing. And to illustrate the level of Dean's partisanship and hypocrisy Powerline asks why Dean calls the Iraqi prime minister an "anti-Semite" yesterday when he failed to condemn Hezbollah in a speech but not John Dingell, John Conyers, Nick Rahall, Pete Stark, and Neal Abercrombie who all voted against the House resolution condemning Hezbollah's attack against Israel. Powerline then goes on to point out that unbeknownst to me the embarrassment of Georgia (Cynthia McKinney) also has some issues with Jews but her lack of delicacy goes without criticism from the left.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Moonbat vs. Me

I've often wondered what the term "moonbat" meant. I know that it's used to describe liberals on the far left but I wasn't sure what made someone a moonbat. (And I'm still curious what the genesis of the term is as well).

Lucky me, I ran across the blog of one of my former professors from the University of Oregon, Dr. Deb Frisch, (if the name rings a bell it's because she's been in the press lately because of some insane comments she made on a right wing blog) where she defined the term for me. Here's what she has to say about it:

"Moonbat is the derogatory term used by rightwingnuts to describe people who:

a. were against the war in Iraq from the get-go
b. tend to think the whole idea of a "war on terror" is an oxymoron initiated by a moron
c. we haven't heard the whole story about 9/11
d. we're in the end-game of fossil-fueled society and in transition to a more sustainable way of capitalizing on our scientific and technological accomplishments only most people are in denial about this and think the spigot of oil's gonna flow forever.
e. global warming's a bigger threat to our long term well being than taywrism
f. judeo-christian fascism is just as scary as islamofascism
g. the two-party system we've got is right and far right

I love the moon and I love bats and I am happy and proud to be a moonbat."

I'll take it point by point:

a. That one I have no problem with at all.

b. Is it just that they want to rename it? Should we call it "the war on people who want to make war on us"? That's just too long and it's an awkward acronym "TWOPWWTMWOU". See, that's just not going to work, so lets stick with GWOT.

c. I think the proper phrase there would be "we haven't heard the story we really want to here about 9/11; like how George Bush plotted to kill us all".

d. (This from Walter Williams) "Proven" oil reserves, oil that's economically and technologically recoverable, are estimated to be more than 1.1 trillion barrels. That's enough oil, at current usage rates, to fuel the world's economy for 38 years, according to Leonardo Maugeri, vice president for the Italian energy company ENI.

There are an additional 2 trillion barrels of "recoverable" reserves. Mr. Maugeri says these oil reserves will probably meet the "proven" standard in a few years as technological improvement and increased sub-soil knowledge come online. Estimates of recoverable oil don't include the huge deposits of "unconventional" oil such as Canadian tar sands and U.S. shale oil, plus there are vast areas of our planet yet to be fully explored.

During the 1970s, the Club of Rome report, "The Limits to Growth," said that, assuming no rise in consumption, all known oil reserves would be entirely consumed in just 31 years.

So I'll side with the Italian energy guy over the liberal professor on that one.

e. I had to go look up taywrism cuz I had no clue what she was talking about. Turns out that taywrism is her word for terrorism. Right, so the 1 degree increase in ground temperature over the last 100 years is worse than the 5401 acts of Islamofacist terrorism committed since 9/11.

f. Refer back to the 5401 acts of Islamofacist terrorism versus the number of Judeo-Christian attacks.

g. I freaking wish! So John Corzine, Patty Murray and Dick Durbin are just the same as George Allen, Sam Brownback, and Jon Kyl. Right.

So my former professor (who was actually a pretty good teacher) is proud to be an idiot. Good for her!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Another Accurate Portrayal of the Military

I just watched a rerun of "Without a Trace", which I generally think is a decent show, nothing great but it's okay.

This one was about a guy who went AWOL after returning from Iraq. Here's a quick sum up of how they showed our boys in their best light.

1. Main character goes AWOL as mentioned, tries to rob a bank, kills a gal in the bank, then makes the FBI shoot him in the final scene (he ejected his magazine before heading out the door to be shot - so at least he wasn't a total psycho, thanks for that guys)2. Main characters buddy gets kicked out of the Army early for stealing from Iraqi villagers.3. Officer in charge of these two is incompetent and indifferent.4. One soldier has his leg blown off and is teling his buddies to get his foot for him and they say "Hey it's okay, this is your ticket home."5. The military didn't pay the guy enough to afford his girlfriend and her spending habits.

Okay, any one or two of these things in a show probably wouldn't bother me that much but the intense negativity toward the military throughout the show was a bit much.

Our military isn't perfect and there's more than a few bad seeds in it but do we really need to focus on the negative while our troops are in harms way?

I think not.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Meaningful Images

The Democrats have a tasteless new ad to recruit voters. Go ahead and watch it for yourself.

Here's my take. Once again it's all about how crappy life is here in the good ol' US of A. Factories are shut down, gas prices are sky high, Bush lied and soldiers died, and Bush causes hurricanes and then doesn't do anything about them.

That's all fine and dandy except for the showing of coffins of warriors returning from Iraq. That's crossing the line; especially in light of the fact that the majority of democrats voted for the war and John Kerry's recent "Retreat Resolution" was met with an 87-13 vote (I may be off one or two votes on that but I'm close).

It's a shameless party that has lost it's way.

Ode to Conspiracy Theorists

My favorite talk radio host is Michael Medved and once a month (every full moon, fittingly) he does his whole show about conspiracy theories. He opens his show to callers who are true believers in a conspiracy, any conspiracy, so he gets callers who cover subjects from JFK, to the Bilderburgers, Bush's ties to Hitler, Bohemian Grove...all the way up to what is certainly the Holy Grail of conspiracies now - 9/11.

I think that 9/11 conpiracists are the worst by far. Their belief that our own government was behind it is just mind boggling to me. Anyway, yesterday on Medved's show a gal called up who was the director of 9/11 Truth in LA or something like that. So she's giving him all the standard lines and he asks her, "Lynn, how many people do you think would have to be involved in this conspiracy? I think it would have to a huge number considering the people inside the administration who have to know about it, the militray involvement, the four planes, the air traffic controllers, the planted many do you think it would take?" Her answer; "Well it wouldn't have to be that many, I think maybe 20 at most."

Okay, here's a seemingly sane individual who thinks that 20 people are behind 9/11. Unreal.

But wait I can here you CT people saying; "But Splash - the government says that 19 hijackers pulled it off". Well yes, they did that with a huge amount of support from Al-Qaeda, plus all of the people who funnel money into Al-Qaeda's pockets. And more importantly, they didn't have to keep it secret from the 300 million people who live here after they pulled it off.

This may seem to be a trivial thing for me to worry about, well gentle reader, it's not. As a matter of fact at the University of Wisconsin Madison a professor there will be teaching his students that the Bush Administration was behind the whole plot.

So if any CT'ers happen by I will be happy to engage in debate, I'll even check out your claims, and we'll see if we can't straighten this whole thing out.