Monday, July 31, 2006

Cracker says "tar baby"....oh my!

This weekend a "cracker" used the phrase "tar baby" to describe the issues with the big dig (and why did anybody outside of Boston or MA need to pay for that?). Of course anybody with even a few brain cells knows the use of this phrase referred to the big dig being a sticky mess (basically the original definition). But apparently some black leaders think Gov. Romney was calling the big dig fiasco an especially dark skinned black person!

Hey black leaders...get over your F'ing self! We are all not fixated on a hatred for black people and so use terms "supposedly" used by some in a derogatory way towards black people but use them instead for bad situations or inanimate objects!!!! It's not all about YOU! You obviously hate yourself, being black and black people since you're constantly bringing negative attention to a race problem in situations where it doesn't exist. I suppose if Bush was heard telling someone at a dinner that he loves having a few Oreo's at night with a glass of milk that these same people would say his statement was racist and not about eating cookies!

Romney felt compelled to make an apology after these mysterious leaders, who lead all bitter-my-lot-in-life-is-some-crackers-fault blacks, cried "racist" I have less respect for Romney. He should have just said give me a break....the term means a sticky mess...end of story!


jay lassiter said...

we are talking about mitt romney afterall.

beleive it on not he's just a tonedeaf cracker, certafiably so. i betcha he uses the word "niggardly" pretty liberally as well.
p.s. it took me 5 times to solve the "word verification thing." is it time to switch to haloscan?

Tiny said...

More politicians should be tonedeaf...too many people are overly PC and apparently illiterate since they have no clue what "tar baby" or niggardly actually mean especially when you look at the context. As for the word verification I have never had to enter more than one word...maybe you should get your eyes checked.

Tiny said...

Hey Jay, after seeing your comment I went to your did you find your way to your complete opposite (ME)? Well maybe we can learn something from each other. I could spend hours commenting on every post you make on your blog, but I was curious about your position on the death penalty (your post You say capital punishment is "morally disgusting", how do you feel about abortion?

Splash Two said...

I'll take a WAG and say that he's all for a woman's right to choose.

What are the odds?

jay lassiter said...


tiny, i found you because you said something clever and funny on someoone's blog and i linked over and you lulled me into an abortion debate.

Lord have mercy, i always take the bate. kind of.

my position is that i have and will never have an abortion.

i will say this much: i am working to get a prolife candidate elected to Congress. (Rich Sexton in NJ-3)