Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Moonbat vs. Me

I've often wondered what the term "moonbat" meant. I know that it's used to describe liberals on the far left but I wasn't sure what made someone a moonbat. (And I'm still curious what the genesis of the term is as well).

Lucky me, I ran across the blog of one of my former professors from the University of Oregon, Dr. Deb Frisch, (if the name rings a bell it's because she's been in the press lately because of some insane comments she made on a right wing blog) where she defined the term for me. Here's what she has to say about it:

"Moonbat is the derogatory term used by rightwingnuts to describe people who:

a. were against the war in Iraq from the get-go
b. tend to think the whole idea of a "war on terror" is an oxymoron initiated by a moron
c. we haven't heard the whole story about 9/11
d. we're in the end-game of fossil-fueled society and in transition to a more sustainable way of capitalizing on our scientific and technological accomplishments only most people are in denial about this and think the spigot of oil's gonna flow forever.
e. global warming's a bigger threat to our long term well being than taywrism
f. judeo-christian fascism is just as scary as islamofascism
g. the two-party system we've got is right and far right

I love the moon and I love bats and I am happy and proud to be a moonbat."

I'll take it point by point:

a. That one I have no problem with at all.

b. Is it just that they want to rename it? Should we call it "the war on people who want to make war on us"? That's just too long and it's an awkward acronym "TWOPWWTMWOU". See, that's just not going to work, so lets stick with GWOT.

c. I think the proper phrase there would be "we haven't heard the story we really want to here about 9/11; like how George Bush plotted to kill us all".

d. (This from Walter Williams) "Proven" oil reserves, oil that's economically and technologically recoverable, are estimated to be more than 1.1 trillion barrels. That's enough oil, at current usage rates, to fuel the world's economy for 38 years, according to Leonardo Maugeri, vice president for the Italian energy company ENI.

There are an additional 2 trillion barrels of "recoverable" reserves. Mr. Maugeri says these oil reserves will probably meet the "proven" standard in a few years as technological improvement and increased sub-soil knowledge come online. Estimates of recoverable oil don't include the huge deposits of "unconventional" oil such as Canadian tar sands and U.S. shale oil, plus there are vast areas of our planet yet to be fully explored.

During the 1970s, the Club of Rome report, "The Limits to Growth," said that, assuming no rise in consumption, all known oil reserves would be entirely consumed in just 31 years.

So I'll side with the Italian energy guy over the liberal professor on that one.

e. I had to go look up taywrism cuz I had no clue what she was talking about. Turns out that taywrism is her word for terrorism. Right, so the 1 degree increase in ground temperature over the last 100 years is worse than the 5401 acts of Islamofacist terrorism committed since 9/11.

f. Refer back to the 5401 acts of Islamofacist terrorism versus the number of Judeo-Christian attacks.

g. I freaking wish! So John Corzine, Patty Murray and Dick Durbin are just the same as George Allen, Sam Brownback, and Jon Kyl. Right.

So my former professor (who was actually a pretty good teacher) is proud to be an idiot. Good for her!

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