Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ode to Conspiracy Theorists

My favorite talk radio host is Michael Medved and once a month (every full moon, fittingly) he does his whole show about conspiracy theories. He opens his show to callers who are true believers in a conspiracy, any conspiracy, so he gets callers who cover subjects from JFK, to the Bilderburgers, Bush's ties to Hitler, Bohemian Grove...all the way up to what is certainly the Holy Grail of conspiracies now - 9/11.

I think that 9/11 conpiracists are the worst by far. Their belief that our own government was behind it is just mind boggling to me. Anyway, yesterday on Medved's show a gal called up who was the director of 9/11 Truth in LA or something like that. So she's giving him all the standard lines and he asks her, "Lynn, how many people do you think would have to be involved in this conspiracy? I think it would have to a huge number considering the people inside the administration who have to know about it, the militray involvement, the four planes, the air traffic controllers, the planted many do you think it would take?" Her answer; "Well it wouldn't have to be that many, I think maybe 20 at most."

Okay, here's a seemingly sane individual who thinks that 20 people are behind 9/11. Unreal.

But wait I can here you CT people saying; "But Splash - the government says that 19 hijackers pulled it off". Well yes, they did that with a huge amount of support from Al-Qaeda, plus all of the people who funnel money into Al-Qaeda's pockets. And more importantly, they didn't have to keep it secret from the 300 million people who live here after they pulled it off.

This may seem to be a trivial thing for me to worry about, well gentle reader, it's not. As a matter of fact at the University of Wisconsin Madison a professor there will be teaching his students that the Bush Administration was behind the whole plot.

So if any CT'ers happen by I will be happy to engage in debate, I'll even check out your claims, and we'll see if we can't straighten this whole thing out.


ewing2001 said...

Kevin Barrett is only scratching half of the truth.
The rest is here:

Splash Two said...

No, no, no - you have to pose some of your ideas. Not repeat some lame ass crap from a bunch of websites.

If you have an original thought, I'll look into it. If you're just going to spout the party line...piss off.

Tiny said...

s2, I was listening to MM's radio show as was laughable what people believe. It shows they're in some sort of weakened mental state that the craziest of ideas on either no, or the thinest of, evidence they take at face value. The smallest amount of homework and common sense debunks every theory I heard on MM's show.

Splash Two said...

Medved's the best - I think he's the smartest man in the world.

I hope we get some people who are willing to actually engage in conversation here. The first guy makes a post and leaves websites...which I looked at...the first one hinges it's theory that a "lonely bird (on a building in the foreground of the video) didn't fly away when the second plane hit.

Might it be that the sound hadn't reached the lonely bird yet? E-freaking-gads.

Splash Two said...

Oh, and Tiny, welcome back to your blog, Slacker!

(And make it so I don't have to verify the stupid word everytime!)