Monday, July 17, 2006

Another Accurate Portrayal of the Military

I just watched a rerun of "Without a Trace", which I generally think is a decent show, nothing great but it's okay.

This one was about a guy who went AWOL after returning from Iraq. Here's a quick sum up of how they showed our boys in their best light.

1. Main character goes AWOL as mentioned, tries to rob a bank, kills a gal in the bank, then makes the FBI shoot him in the final scene (he ejected his magazine before heading out the door to be shot - so at least he wasn't a total psycho, thanks for that guys)2. Main characters buddy gets kicked out of the Army early for stealing from Iraqi villagers.3. Officer in charge of these two is incompetent and indifferent.4. One soldier has his leg blown off and is teling his buddies to get his foot for him and they say "Hey it's okay, this is your ticket home."5. The military didn't pay the guy enough to afford his girlfriend and her spending habits.

Okay, any one or two of these things in a show probably wouldn't bother me that much but the intense negativity toward the military throughout the show was a bit much.

Our military isn't perfect and there's more than a few bad seeds in it but do we really need to focus on the negative while our troops are in harms way?

I think not.

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