Monday, December 20, 2004

Another BAD message for minorities

The Washington Post has been running a series on "the changes in the middle of the U.S. workforce" with the latest installment called A Tenuous Hold on the Middle Class. This dribble is a travesty! The minorities in this country who continue to listen to a message of "whatever your situation is it isn't your fault" is going to keep them in that situation. This article is full of glass half empty attitude and includes statistics that show economic progress for blacks (used in this article along with the african american label for you PC a-holes) but the article dismisses these each time. It takes an example of one black family where their combined income of $60k (and with her being a college grad) has them barely making it. They live in a dangerous neighborhood that the author calls a "concrete complex", as if the "man" makes the poor folks apartment buildings out of concrete and the rich white folks apartment buildings out of nice squishy stuff. The author points out all things that are so tough for this family without questioning whether any of the choices this couple made contribute. They have $80k in debt that includes a student loan, auto loan and credit cards. The student loan is noble enough, but did they buy more car than they should have? Is a struggling family making a wise choice to run up credit card debt? The author points out the husband has no degree and the couple has two kids. Well, did they have kids prior to making their education and a job a first priority? Did they think about how they would support a family before having a family? Does someone have them chained to these particular jobs and apartment in Florida? I could list 100 questions that might expose a poor choice that leads to their situation.

I could find a family of any race that has a similar or more unfair sounding story. A couple both with english lit Phd's with 4 kids and low paying hourly jobs...gosh shouldn't a Phd guarantee a middle or upper middle class lifestyle? This is the problem....this is not a hand out earn your way and the better choices you make the better off you will be. Until the black, and other minority groups, start thinking like Bill Cosby they will forever be stuck in a barely getting by state. Personal responsibility and knowing that your future is yours to make and not provided for you is the key to economic success...and the same values extend to family and social choices, and structure, that make for a happy and healthy home which is key for raising kids that will propagate the same success.

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