Thursday, December 09, 2004

Groups against success and wealth

It seems to me that there are more communists living among us than anyone would suspect. I'm not talking about the card carrying kind, I'm talking about the kind who dont' go by that monicker and are bothered by the success and wealth of others . They constantly promote wealth re-distribution and think someone who makes $10m a year somehow uses more of our countries infrastructure than someone making $50k. Today this money hating crowd comes to mind with the CEO (Jamie Court) of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights complaining that our Governor (the Terminator) isn't releasing the details of his income and instead only how much he paid in taxes and charitable contributions. Both numbers suggest he made a lot and gave a lot.

So what's Court's concern? That "If you don't know how much he makes, you don't know what loopholes he's benefiting from, and you don't know what tax policies he adopts that are good for him or bad for him." What a f'ing moron. Unless Arnold gets the entire state legislature to either pass a tax break specifically for a) someone named Arnold Schwarzenegger or b) whomever is the governor of California any tax policies he pushes that benefit him will also benefit me! But people like this don't believe in trickle down. They think when we buy expensive things (cars, homes, planes, etc) or invest in start-ups, or a REIT, or a hedge fund, or play the options market, or buy income properties, blah, blah, blah....that somehow all of these transactions only see money going into the hands of other rich folks. Somehow all this spending, investing and putting money to work magically bypasses everyone at the lowest income levels entirely...pretty neat trick isn't it?

We have been surrounded by these nouveau communists for a long fact I think most are indoctrinated by being in a profession that requires they join a union. The union mentality is akin to the Borg of Star Trek. There is no reason for individuality in philosophy or excelling at ones job since it isn't appreciated or rewarded. And the "entitlement" attitude also runs rampant in this group. Over 7 years ago I wrote a letter to a local paper in response to similar dribble they response (Economic success is up to individuals) was also published and still appears on their site.


Anonymous said...

People who believe in straight-up wealth redistribution are obviously not well-versed in economics, business, or life really. It's n unsustainable model. But again, I'd like to warn against the "lumping" thing. I believe in free-market capitalism. I don't like everyone's purchasing decisions, but that happens with the rich and the poor. And I can't tell someone they're dumb to get a boat or a Jaguar when their kids have no college savings. (But they are dumb.)
Nonetheless, there IS a middle ground, and it's close to the country we live in already. A lot of liberals, like me, believe that we can have capitalism promoted and get people to invest and work hard while simultaneously allowing for everyone to have base-line development.
I think everyone deserves to have access to good education and healthcare. And from a market perspective, that makes the country stronger because many people who currently have sub-optimal education could become larger contributors as entrepeneurs, technologists, or members of other disciplines that can spur major economic growth. There's a happy medium out there.

Anonymous said...

You say there is a happy medium out there?


Remember the story about the fugitive midgit fortune teller? Yes - that person was a "small medium at large"

Anonymous said...

Dude, I liked you letter. You are absolutely right in taking the position that our success or failure is up to ourselves. It is up to the individual and if you run around blaming other people for your porblems you'll wind up the eternal victim.

But I also think it is the government's role to keep the playing field even as possible so those that are brave and industriuos enough can succeed regardless of those that have interest in perserving the status quo. I do not mean the government must redistribute income, but they must regulate industry to ensure things like a fair stock market, safe goods on the shelf, truthful finaicial statements of public compaines, a clean environment and fair labor practices.

And this is where I do not think the GOP is doing a good job for the little guy. With a consumption based energy policy, weakening the Clear Skies act, stepping out of Kyoto, weakening ovretime legislation for hourly workers and recklessly reducing taxes, they are undermining the ability of the government to do its job of regualtion correctly.

The GOP champions the cause of dergualtion at every turn. In the end, who does dergulation ever help? Did deregualtion help the Californians who watched their power bills go up by more than 300 percent while scumbags up top at Enron socked it away? Didn't think so.

The Democrats are not much better of late as Terry Mcauliffe's lame strategy of cozying up to the same special interests as the GOP and playing it safe. I really hope they will rediscover their back bone and stand up for the little guy like they used to in times past.

But in the end, you are right that it really comes down to me. I am responsible for my own success even if Satan is currently in the White House.

Tiny said...

To be clear on where I stand I agree that health care and education should be provided to all our citizens. What I'm not ok with the is the notion that someone who does well financially needs to take on a share of the cost burden at a higher rate that anybody else. Those who don't believe tax incentives that put more money in the hands of those who have disposable income doesn't trickle down (and up) are just wrong. I know of what I speak in this regard!

Anonymous said...

Tiny, are you suggesting socialized healthcare and education? Sounds like Mr. "Red" is going pinko on us!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm impressed. There's the common ground you refer to... I'm a liberal who wants a flat-tax with virtually no exemptions and you're a conservative who wants everyone to have access to health care and education. I suppose there's hope for the Blues and the Reds...

Tiny said...

Hold on...I'm in favor of socialized NOTHING!....we can design a way to deal with those who can't afford to pay for medical treatment via the private system. By the way, having started my own business I know that the numbers quoted for those without medical insurance are inflated by included those who choose not to have it (like for instance someone who declines it because they save the employee contribution each month and they are already covered by their spouses employer). I want privatized everything, including Social Security!