Wednesday, December 01, 2004

More Christmas without the word!

While watching the news this morning before heading to work I saw a Jack In The Box commercial which is set in what I guess is suppose to be their headquarters. People are all walking around the office with hats that all have to do with Christmas (santa hats, hats with antlers, etc.) as each person greets another they all say "hey Good Holiday Spirit" see Jack on some hat and then the commercial ends with the usual take out bag dropping onto a table and its what they call a reindeer ball on the bag instead of their logo. No balls in corporate America anymore...but really, do those who don't believe Jesus was the son of God automatically feel like their being given a religious message if you use the word Christmas but they don't even with all the decorations that are synonymous with Christmas but you avoid the word? I don't think so...IDIOTS!


Anonymous said...


I randomly happened upon your blog, and I've been enjoying reading through the posts you've made. I lived in silicon valley for six months, and I'm glad to see that the sort of people I met (uptight, PC sorts) aren't the only ones there.

As for "Holiday Tree Lighting" and the like, I almost welcome the change. Seriously, what does a pine tree with lights and decorations have to do with the birth of my Lord and Saviour. It's an ancient tradition that has nothing to do with Christ. So let them have their holiday tree. I'll keep my hymns and family traditions.

In the end, I have the birth of the Son of God to celebrate, and the have a dead tree with lights on it. I'm willing to give them the boon of naming it what they please. :P


Tiny said...

Dave, good point....guess I should let it go...just bothers me that city governments, companies, the media, etc... think they have to sanitize the last thing about Christmas (the name) that even connects it to its religous roots...oh well