Thursday, December 02, 2004

CNN's allegiance lies where?

You may have seen the story yesterday that originated in the LA Times about how the military purposely gave false information to a reporter about when the action in Falujja started. The supposed purpose was to gauge and understand the reaction on the ground by the enemy and CNN was happy to use its signal to inform the terrorist insurgents that they should run and hide, or load their weapons for American troops were on there way. Interesting that CNN (or anyone) seems to think that essentially warning the enemy was ok, but if that warning was false their having been duped by the US Military in an effort against an enemy is questioned. You have to wonder how things would be in America if the US media didn't participate in the disinformation broadcast during WWII?


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Pinko scum. Check out what they run (below):

CNN's programming tonight:

Your Health Today with Sanjay Gupta:
Review of how to avoid treat gangrene infections in the field and where the best torture points are on American soldiers.
Judy Woodruff's Inside Politics:
Judy explores whether Sayid Qotb's radical anti-Western philosophy is being better carried out by Iran or Saudi Arabia
Germans, French, and North Koreans debate just HOW evil America is.
Anderson Cooper 360:
Anderson reviews

Tiny said...

hahaha....I like it

tiny's hero said...
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