Wednesday, December 01, 2004

And yet more insanity!

First, its common knowledge that the California public school system is dominated by leftist and there are few if any arguments that those in the media are not of the same color. Case in point, the Cupertino California 5th grade school teacher who has been barred from using all of, or portions of, our very own Declaration of Independence because the word (you guessed it) "god" appears in the document. Now, I could go off for a thousand words at the complete lunacy behind this.....but my head hurts so lets just ask a few questions. So how do you teach US history without looking at, reading and talking about this document? How can you possibly justify not? Why would a historical document and HISTORY ITSELF somehow offend anyone or cross a church and state line? When you were in grade or high school do you even remember the context of the word "god" in early American historical documents or writings of the time? Of course not, they didn't preach or sway...they just reflected the beliefs of those involved in creating our history.

Then there is the lack of media coverage of this insanity. The number of Google hits on this story is paltry. It should be huge news and cause at a minimum every Bush voter outrage. I think it also proves (at least to me) that those who are terrified of the word "god" especially in this context and agree with the action taken against the teacher are just down right America hatters and something akin to communists. I also lump in the media...look at the San Jose Mercury News story title from the link above....wouldn't YOU write the headline as "Public School Bars Use of Declaration of Independence in class" Isn't that the story? But while all of these MF'rs are in fact America hatters they think they are patriots in supposedly not offending anyone and in their sick minds acting as the protectors of the church and state boundary the original framers had in mind.....these folks need to not be teaching or infecting our youth!


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