Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Let's stir it up a bit!

I came to the conclusion long ago that the supposed black (yes black, since the Congressional Black Caucus still uses that label so I will too) leaders don't work for equality but in fact promote separatism. Many of these leaders cry racism in cases where it doesn't exist, they lobby for special treatment based on skin color and create groups, events and holidays that promote nose thumbing and not acceptance and extort large corporations in the name equal rights. Minorities who seek acceptance and equal treatment from whomever the majority is must insist on a level playing field and not one stacked in their favor. Quotas, affirmative action and the like are misguided deck stacking that makes most people still see color. These leaders don't want a colorblind society since their power and celebrity comes from the opposite.

The Christmas season brings out an example of what I'm sure many blacks consider a celebration of their culture, but Kwanzza and the "black nativity" are shams. A puff piece in the SFGate misses the sad separatist attitude of those in the story (and for those of you who deplore that I use the word "black", note it's use in the SFGate story). Rewriting history to change skin color isn't celebrating diversity....it promotes it. Children, I believe, are born color blind...their parents and environment form their colored view of the world. Black children don't have an identity problem because they see a white Santa or Jesus.

As for Kwanzza....it's amazing that so many blacks embrace this as their holiday (and reject others) especially considering its origin. I found an interesting website of black writers and artists with a Less Than Complimentary View of Kwanzza and its inventor!

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