Friday, November 12, 2004

The Father of Modern Terrorism

Andrew McCarthy of NRO has a comprehensive piece on Arafat's life and as you read it you will certainly agree that "the father of modern terrorism" is an appropriate epitaph. So why then does nearly all the media not label Arafat for what he is? Why did so many leaders show up to the make shift funeral in Egypt? Why does a man with this a terror inventors history not get labeled with a single negative descriptor?

I have never understood deep antisemitic feelings many all over the world this root cause of this pass the media and others give Arafat? I have no other explanation? It's also interesting that Israel is most often portrayed as evil. Yet the suicide bombers are almost always aimed at Israeli civilians while Israel's military actions are almost uniformly surgical in nature trying to avoid collateral damage. In fact I think given that Israel is surrounded by unfriendly's I'm amazed at the restraint they have shown in not unleashing their rather impressive military might on those who would kill them at any opportunity.

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Hazim Hal Ukabarara said...

I still remember the Olympic Hostage massacre. Was a young kid then and it is burned in my head. How can anyone be so cruel and for what aim?

The sheep tenders in my village have saying: "The wind of oppression is like a farting sheep. Not a lot of wind but boy does it smell bad". Well it loses a bit in the translation.