Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thursday Roundup

Don't Forget

It's Veterans Day...don't forget what this means, if you can't thank a vet in person give thanks in your own way for the men and women who have sacrificed throughout our history so that we can live free in the most prosperous land in the world. The American Dream is alive and well and your share in that dream is only governed by your own desire and drive. A land where the vast majority are down right good loving people who will help their fellow man, come to a strangers rescue and look you in the eye and say hello. I'll steal the final words of Mr. Owens whose NRO article today ends with: So pray for our servicemen in Fallujah today and for the souls of those who have given the last full measure. May they rest in peace. Happy birthday, Marines. Semper fi. And to all veterans, God bless you and thank you for your service. And may you live long, sweet lives.

Arafat finally in a box!
Amid the inappropriate stories on Arafat's death that offer praise, or sole saving, we find an occasional sane's one: Arafat the Monster. And of course Jimmy Carter continues his journey with senility describing him as a "powerful human symbol" but leaves out what he thinks the symbol about terrorism and death to jews!

Bummer Dude!
I don't much like Bill Maher, right now he's not liking the Internet since it's front page on the Drudgereport that he's been hit with a palimony suit!

Trojan Horse
Some on the left are trying to calm the post election hysterical elements in their party....the new strategy that you already see forming is a trojan horse! The liberals I know have brain wiring different from me....there's no way that they will over the next 4 years line up with me on pivotal issues or even get close for that matter. I fully believe, like Kerry, that those who will lobby for the nomination for the Dems in 2008 will say anything to try and appear more centrist...but that's just a book cover....the book won't change. While Billary Clinton thinks she's being sneaky by suddenly throwing out religious references here and there, some are talking about it openly. Not about changing their core beliefs, but about how to make others think you are, case in point: More Muscle, More God, Less Shrum

Peggy Noonan's piece in today's WSJ had a description of Bush I like and believe....Kerry tried to slide into some of those descriptions but with no credibility.
I think Mr. Bush, the better man in terms of character, was also the more normal man. And we like normal. He loves sports and business and politics, and speaks their language. Normal. His wife is important to him, and his kids seem a bit of a mystery to him, and perhaps even to some degree intimidating. Normal. He thinks if bad guys attack New York City and the Pentagon, we go after them and kill them--normal. He thinks marriage is between a man and a woman--normal. He thinks if Baptist preachers in a suburb of Louisville have an after-school plan that has an excellent record of turning kids from juvenile delinquency to thinking about college, those Baptist preachers should be helped and encouraged every way we can, and it has nothing to do with "church and state." Normal. He thinks if there's an old plaque bearing the Ten Commandments on the wall of the courthouse you should leave it alone--it can't hurt, and it might help. Normal.

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