Wednesday, August 02, 2006

You're either with us or with the terrorists

I'm not a great fan of Dubya with the exception of his unwaivering stance on fighting those who want simply to erase us from the planet. Just after 9/11 he said something like you're either with us or you're with the terrorists. It's the same with Israel, you're either on the side of Israel's right to exist, their right to protect its citizens, their right not to have those sworn to kill each and everyone one of them sitting just down the road with weapons...You're either for those things or you're on the side of terrorism, Islamic extremism and Iran. It's truly is that simple.

Israel is not being imperialistic and didn't start this fight. But because media types and liberals (interesting how those two are nearly always ideologically aligned) are completely ignoring or unwilling to accept that Hezbollah:
  1. believes all Israelis should be exterminated
  2. targets innocents (women and children)
  3. started this current conflict by KILLING some Israeli soldiers (not just kidnapping 2) and firing rockets into Israel
  4. is simply an extension of Iran

Because of this they frame Israel as the bad guy in this conflict. They throw out idiotic notions of proportional response. Talk of negotiation and cease fire. What has history shown us with respect to negotiation with Israel and their enemies? Just as a pedophile is born with, and cannot change, their sick desire Hezbollah will not accept the existence of Israel. Just as we would not negotiate with al-Qaeda they should not with Hezbollah.

Those of you who think Israel is being a bully are therefore sympathetic to Hezbollah and must therefore be anti-semites. How else can one explain your disdain for Israel trying to protect its citizens and your complete ignorance of the facts. Israel isn't targeting Lebanese civilians, Hezbollah is putting Lebanese between them and the IDF.

Apparently anti-semites are so blinded by their ideology they can't even recognize when they're supporting evil since good God fearing people when never do that. Oh, I forget those in the media, or are liberal, are not God fearing! :) Case in point, the Huffington post website apparently thinks this video make Israel look bad. While I wish the Israeli spokeswoman would have laid into this bimbo CNN anchor this video shows the common lack of understanding of terrorism, war and Islamic extremism by the media and peace-monger liberals.

No honest look at Israel's military history and actions in this current conflict would label Israel as warmongers. Yet apparently the media, and most liberals, take the position equivalent to the police officer continually asking a sniper to stop picking off people in the streets from the top of building while he continues to do so, and you have him in your sights. Wrong, you put one in his head. Item 4 above is also key given that today Ahmadinejad said "Although the main solution is for the elimination of the Zionist regime, at this stage an immediate cease-fire must be implemented". Too funny....oh sure, drop your weapons and come out, I won't shoot...wink, wink.

Finally, if you're still not on the side of Israel do you still think Jews control the media? Just one more thought....if the drunken anti-semitic rant of one man is so relevant and revealing then so is one self proclaimed American Muslim shooting 6 at the Seattle Jewish Federation.

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Anonymous said...

Fair points all. It all only leaves me wondering though, that innocent civilians in Beirut and Tel Aviv are paying for the moral faillings of the Germans and Russians decades ago. It's a shame that this isn't happening to Berlin instead.