Thursday, August 17, 2006

Out of order, I'll show you out of order

Here we go! A federal Judge has ruled in favor of an ACLU suit filed on behalf of some journalists, scholars and lawyers who say the NSA surveillance program is unconstitutional (a breaking story from Wizbang). It's nice that these leftists think the possibility of minor infringement of free speech and privacy trumps the lives of what could have been 3,000 or more saved by the break up of the UK airline bombing terrorist plot.

How F'd up are people who think this way? I suspect if the plot in the UK had happened, and 3,000 were killed, and that the authorities came out and said that if they had been allowed to have unfettered realtime monitoring of communications, financial transactions and location surveillance the plot would have been stopped...these same people would still want protection from such access to the extreme. The bar this side of the argument wants for this access is so high (and time consuming) as to require law enforcement to already have enough evidence such that they would no longer need the surveillance.

Let's hope higher courts have a better understanding that this is not a simple issue of regular police work, this is a war.

Update: Well what do you know....our lovely judge is a Jimmy Carter appointee and a known liberal whose politics play a role in her actions on the bench.

Update: WHHHAT? Even the Wapo agrees this was A Judicial Misfire

BUT, the NYTimes would be ok to sacrifice you, your wife, your new baby and say a few thousand of your neighbors to protect the "honey pick up some milk on the way home" phone call. The enemy is among us!

Update: Pretty strong words from the well reasoned Hugh Hewitt, and I agree: "Any vote for any Democrat is a vote against victory and a vote for vulnerability."

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Anonymous said...

Here's the scenario: The ACLU wins its little misguided suit against the NSA's surveillance program and Bush. The terrorist leap for joy and push forward with all their new plans, because they're now somewhat confident that we're not listening. A new multi-death plan is created and put into action. Thousands lose their lives in a senseless attack on this country. The liberal press jumps into action and screams about our Presidents inability to provide the people of this country with the protection they deserve against terrorism. They did it after 9/11 and they'll do it again. You notice there are no accolades being spread about regarding how our intelligence community assisted in this latest foiled terrorist plot. They would never do that because once again this doesn't have anything to do with our constitutional rights or security. This is simply about the liberal left and their total disdain for our President. If you are not a terrorist or you don't have relations with terrorist, why would you care if the government is listening to your phone conversations?