Thursday, August 10, 2006

Anybody else for profiling at Airport Security?

With 20+ UK born men, supposedly of Pakistani descent, in custody after their efforts to kill what could have been as many or more than on 9/11 were thwarted maybe more card carrying ACLU types might consider profiling for airport security a good tactic? NOT LIKELY! Because God forbid that we embarrass or inconvenience a nice Arab looking person, instead we do it to 80 yr old white women.

And, hmmmm....guess what else we are sure to find those involved in this UK incident have in common with nearly every other terrorist caught, or known to commit a terrorist act in the last 10-20 years? MUSLIM ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS!

But hey, you liberal Americans just keep listening to people like Michael Moore and vote for people like Lamont and I'm sure we will have nothing to worry about.....ya, because they know that this is only happening because Bush and Co. have made MUSLIM ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS hate us and want to kill us. If we just make France, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Lebanon and every other country just like us everything will be fine. Sure, that will work...normally these people who listen to Islamic preachers about jihad and killing westerners would just ignore such ideas, but we have given them reason to suddenly become killers....we can reverse that with an approach that gets them to like us. Whenever we would like to employ some foreign policy just run it by diplomats from countries like those and if they like it, well then it must be right. Because if those folks don't like it, it must be wrong....we need to start thinking internationally and not nationally. Hold hands, and sing songs...ya, that's it!

Michelle Malkin has a nice timeline on the terrorist plot broken up by Scotland Yard....check out the various links and video at the end.

Update: of course the moonbat leftists are already calling this failed terror plot being made public today all planned by Bush &'s scary how many people really should be on some kind of meds!

Update: Nothing like confirming your blog readers are stupid F'ing morons with a survey that confirms it...these people are nearly as dangerous as the Islamic Fascists! And the dailykos himself helped Lamont beat Lieberman and even appeared in Lamont TV ads.


Schadenfreude said...

I say profile away in the airports. I myself look like the illegitamate love child of Moussaoui and Tone Loc and I have no issue being called out for "additional screening." Big deal, have at it -- thanks for doing your job right. I draw the line at cavity searches though -- at least not without dinner first.

I do believe there is a difference between profiling for arab/middle eastern looking men at airports and stopping every black man in a car driving through a "white" neigborhood. As you said, pretty much all terror in recent history has been perpetrated by Islamists who usually look like arabs, but not every car theft and home invasion was committed by a black male. Im not against profiling, but it should be smart and logically backed up without trampling rights to death.

Tiny said...

Unfortunately "smart and logically" have given way to politically correct chicken shit treatment of everyone...I wouldn't be surprised if many TSA security people go out of their way not to do one of those more time consuming screenings for middle eastern young men for fear of looking like they are picking on the demographic of the most likely suspect