Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Illegal Aliens to take drivers ed and buy auto insurance!

Don't hold your breath on that ever happening...of course that's what Cal Sen. Gil Cedillo (dem) wants you to believe as he has re-introduced SB 60 to once again try and get California drivers licenses for Illegal Aliens. Gil, and supporters of illegal immigration, want you to think that if we give an illegal a license they will take the time, and pay for, drivers education and will also pay for auto insurance....crack smoking abounds! What I also understand, but admit I didn't read the entire bill just the summary, is that it would provide for a free get out of jail card (effectively) for an illegal who was in an accident but didn't have insurance.

All of this legislation aimed at giving special treatment to illegals at the state and federal levels (social security) completely undermines enforcement of our immigration laws not to mention being truly insulting to the law abiding legal immigrants and citizens. A young say 18 to 20 year old citizen could have his life turned upside down if they were in an accident and had no insurance, and infinitely worse if someone was injured....but an illegal (if these illegal lovers get their way) would end up wiping their hands of the situation.

We need to support LEGAL immigration and equal treatment for all here legally....if your here illegally you should be held accountable just the same AND then deported.

Why is it that all these illegal friendly politicians and groups don't lobby for ways to make these illegals legal? Instead they like keeping them that way and giving them special privileges and treatment...WHY IS THAT?


Anonymous said...

Because they're all assheads. This isn't even a real liberal/conservative issue. The existing government wants to make it look like that so no change comes. I'll tell you, as a liberal, this system is a complete disgrace. It's not good for the immigrants really (compared with getting less criminals and more real services if you handled this legally) and it's not good for the public.
It is, however good for businesses and good for Mexico's government.

Tiny said...

Sorry, who exactly are the
"assheads" (slang I'm not familar with)? So you think their is a govnerment conspiracy that has orchestrated liberals to take the pro illegal side and conservatives to take the pro legal immigration and security side to create deadlock so that nothing changes? Sure! My problem with this issue is that some claim that illegals are paying into the system that provides services (social security, medical, sdi, etc.) and that's bunk...sure a little bit trickles in but not enough to cover these services for illegals. This is a liberal/conservative issue. If you look at the stance of the liberals on this issue it's the typical socialism view...take care of whomever can make their way on to our soil regardless of the circumstance versus personal responsibility and a work ethic that has been a part of America since the beginning.