Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's Cat Hunting Time!

I'm not an animal lover, in fact I guess I pretty much find all house pets dirty and a pain the ass. I have animal lovers all around me. Family and neighbors who put their pets comfort ahead of their own and mine too! I'll admit I'm a selfish person...I think my comfort should come before the dog, cat or other non-human! So when you add my anti-pet attitude to the fact that my corner lot is a popular toilet for local cats and dogs being walked by their owners and you have one pissed off man with weapons. I'm amazed at the overly liberal silicon valley neighbors I have who walk their dogs without bags to pick up those stinky logs they deposit....and even for those who do take care of the solid waste why the hell do they think its ok for their dog to urinate in my ivy? I have thought about just sitting out front and each time I see either offense against my very nice yard to demand the dog owner give me their address so I can go relieve myself on their lawn. Could you imagine the outrage? Even likely police action if I was to go squat and do my business on someone's front lawn! So why is ok for your animals??????? Don't bother answering, there is no good answer except to start allowing me to shoot your cat or dog should it enter my property let alone secrete waste of any kind in my yard!

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