Thursday, November 10, 2005

It's Time For A Third Party!

Bush has been a disappointment with, quite frankly, most of his actions not being those we would associate with the traditional notion of what being a Republican is suppose to be. And now the GOP leadership has completed their transition, with their caving on arctic drilling, to redefining the current day Republican party for what it is...Democrat! At this point what we have are Democrats who call themselves Republicans and leftist radicals who call themselves Democrats. It's time we had a third party who is ACTUALLY conservative and puts a stop to the namby-pamby politics as usual and kid glove treatment to every environmental, socialist, miss guided wacko!

Update: My daily driver gets (not kidding) 9 mpg on average so I feel the price of gas in a big way. Do we live in a socialist economy? What the hell are those two faced hypocrite senators (namely Boxer) asking oil company execs about "huge" profits and bonuses for? Are they not businesses? Did they break any law (like price gouging)? If not, shut the hell up...roughly a 10% profit isn't HUGE or WINDFALL for a well run company and their bonuses are set by the board you morons. I think it was Boxer who put up display showing the executive bonuses next to something like the average US household income. WHAT? Ok, lets look at all the income of every f'ing senator and house member and ask why they don't give it all back to help those only making $23k a year pay their heating oil bill this winter?

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