Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Return To Therapy

I have not blogged in a long time. Why, I'm not totally sure...but I decided to start again for probably one of the reasons that I stopped...I'm just really pissed off. I get so in infuriated with political correctness run amuck, the MSM and the lefts delusional obsession with trying to take down the Bush administration at the expense of our way of life, our military and our security. It's not uncommon for me and several of my fellow conservative cohorts to speculate that a civil war may come our way again some you can see my last post which was back in June posed the question! The good news is that my side does own, and will use, guns and lots of them. We also believe in real torture of our prisoners as opposed to the fake underwear on the head kind. Its a forgone conclusion most of the military would fall on our side and pretty much 100% of the private companies involved in the military machine and heavy industry in general would supply us. Hey, this form of therapy is working after all....sheesh..this war will be as easy for us as it is to fit an entire Cindy Sheehan support vigil into a Toyota Prius!

Update: speaking of Cindy Sheehan, don't you just love the reporters and news outlets who report that some think Sheehan should run against Hillary....of course the "some" is the few dozen people that have no life and show up to her staged events here and there...please, please, let her run for ANYTHING..that would be entertaining!

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