Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Al-Jazeera, can we either blow it up or put them under surveillance?

Most reports in Iraq just hang out in the big cities waiting to report on the latest insurgent or terrorist bombing. There are very few venturing outside of a few cities to see what's going on around the country. There is apparently nothing good happening in Iraq. But worse than the regular MSM is Al-Jazeera who serves these vile criminals. It's amazing how quickly following an incident that Al-Jazeera will air the propaganda from the perpetrators. It's also ironic that the most recent kidnap victims are peace activists. As Glock26 commented "maybe they'll be able to hug their way of it".

I assume that the only reason not to bomb Al-Jazeera's operations into the nether world is to put their offices and people under surveillance! Another thing that ticks me off... the MSM (and of course the AP piece I link above) feels compelled to put total U.S. military deaths in each new story of this type...why? What's the point other than to editorialize within a news story. And for Christ sake why don't they also give the total number of innocent fellow Muslims the terrorists and insurgents kill in each of these incidents? Why? Isn't that also a very telling statistic? But of course they won't because that doesn't serve their agenda and bias.

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