Monday, November 28, 2005

Democrat's New Iraq Plan or Bandwagon?

Have you noticed all the Democrat politicians or liberal pundits who are talking about training Iraqi security forces to take over so that we can reduce US military in Iraq? I know this was what the Bush administration was talking about long ago. Suddenly though the MSM covers this revelation by liberals as if they have a new plan for Iraq. The QandO Blog has a nice summary of the strategy our President had as far back as August 2003. It's funny, I immediately thought of the Fedex commercial set in a business meeting, the boss says "we have to cut costs people, ideas?"....a dork says they could sign up for Fedex online shipping, blah, blah....silence, then the boss says the same thing but making hand gestures and all the sheep in the room compliment the idea. Too funny, check out the new but stolen great idea ad!

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