Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Rapid Fire Blogging

misleading headline "Vatican gay document prompts criticism", after all when 2 gay groups criticize you it's not as if it's real criticism, it's more like a badge of honor!

How you define "More than a dozen"? Gee, is that 13, 14, oh maybe as many as 15!...what a joke and what a non-story that some idiots are at the roadside near Bush's ranch again!

Bush ranch update: and now they're arrested. Funny that Vietnam era loon Daniel Ellsberg boasts that this is his 70th arrest in various protests since Vietnam. He surely believes in every case his side was bolstered by his sign holding, sitting and arrest. It doesn't take a genius to know that these protesters have an adverse affect on the side of the argument they sit on. Most don't identify with people who do this, most think they're fringe hippy wannabees. Most wonder why they don't do something more concrete for their cause (run for office, get signatures for a ballet initiative, etc.) instead just mugging for a photo opp.

And yet another Liberal gets schooled by a Conservative!

The presidential pardoning of a Turkey each year is idiotic...we should change this tradition to the president goes on a turkey hunt using a high end 12 gauge over-under shotgun that would then be auctioned off for charity after the pres bagged his bird. Some would have us eat tofu!

The anti-business climate continues in Santa Cruz where a group is trying to make the minimum wage for any worker within the city limits $9.25 an hour. By comparison the kid at the Baskin Robbin's ice cream parlor is San Jose would make the state minimum of $6.75. So in S.Cruz a kid scooping ice cream could make just under $20k a year. This is of course not a good move since you pay too much for zero skilled jobs making them attractive for grown ups! The jobs that high school kids can do well shouldn't be attractive for people who should be trying to move upstream!

It's about time and can we do this at all our borders!

Tom Cruise not only knows the history of psychiatry but apparently is also an expert in obstetrics!


Anonymous said...

So Santa Cruz has a low-wage workforce that cannont afford to keep living there and serving the community because they only make the minimum wage. How about a little survey that shows how many of those "low-wage" community serving individuals are actual home owners, or for that matter even renters. I would be willing to bet that the majority of the "low-wage" earners are the local kids living at home and the college students. Plus if they allow the college kids to sign the petition and then vote what the heck do you think will happen?

Tiny said...

exactly...while some liberal small business owners believe in wealth redistribution and will just make less in order to gift their employees more than the market requires, most will suffer to the point of closure. You can't charge enough for an ice cream cone to stay in business if the 3 kids scooping for you costs $60k a year plus benefits.