Friday, November 18, 2005

Iraq is the new abortion issue!

I have never understood why the subject of abortion is so polarizing. If you all think that ones position on abortion is so pivotal to ones entire being then I have a suggestion for you. Ask every family member, friend, co-worker, boss, etc. their position on it and immediately eject those whose stand is opposite yours from you life! After all isn't it the central barometer on a persons entire belief system? The point is that something goes non-linear in people when the abortion subject comes up. All reason, consideration of intelligent argument, even civility go out the window.

The same phenomenon is surely happening with the subject of Iraq. And like abortion frankly most with extreme views on both sides are hypocrites, wrong and damaging our country all for their stubborn ideology. Today's WSJ piece Why We Went to War makes my point with the larger view of both why going was still correct ("To believe that an untouched Saddam five years hence wouldn't have been back in the WMD game is fatuous beyond description.") and why we must finish the job ('The theory that democracies don't attack other democracies is as strong as such notions get, and what the world most needs now is a new, large Islamic democracy. A democracy, however "imperfect," is less likely than an authoritarian state to detonate a nuclear device in someone else's territory.")

Those who now call for a timeline for withdrawal, or more idiotic an immediate pull-out, are clearly suffering from this affliction. The worst part is they are playing partisan politics with our national security and our military who are in harms way. This is in my opinion tantamount to treasonous behavior.

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