Monday, November 07, 2005

Angry, Disaffected, Wanting Respect and Jobs? WRONG

CNN and many others of the MSM will tell you that the war (yep, I think that's an accurate description) spreading throughout France for nearly 2 weeks is just "youths" who are disaffected, wanting respect and jobs and so have become angry. This is the biggest kid glove treatment I have ever seen. Firstly what a joke France is. Let's look at the facts. Since Oct. 27 a large number of African immigrants (likely 2nd generation immigrants) who are Muslim have been at war with France (France meaning those who aren't African immigrants who are Muslim and their property). 4700, and counting, cars have been burned. 274 towns and now possibly neighboring countries are effected.

The French, while constantly stepping up the number of police involved have: had meetings! used rubber bullets, not used military, having more meetings, thought about curfews, making insignificant arrests. We have only heard of 1 death, but there are numerous injured in critical condition including a 12 month old girl who was just ridding on a bus that was destroyed by these insurgent terrorists in a rock throwing attack. This is a war, and one that would be dealt with here very differently. This is also why personal gun ownership is useful!

Now I know why France (aside from its participation in oil-for-food kick back money to Saddam) didn't want us to go to Iraq. To them, dealing with combatants, terrorists, hateful wild mobs is not possible...they cannot see how you can actually win. The evidence of their ineptitude to deal with an enemy combatant is playing out for all to see. France and other EU countries had better stop the kid glove descriptions and more importantly the treatment of these criminals else they could see what even the MSM will call a war. The Muslim religion, by its history and modern day example, is not a religion of peace and an Islamic cancer plays a role in what's happening in France. Taranto of the WSJ has a good piece in his blog today called The French Conflagration making that case.

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