Friday, November 18, 2005

Hypocrite squared!

The word hypocrite just isn't strong enough to describe liberals these days. So I think level of hypocrisy obtained when the standard hypocrite label is multiplied by itself is an appropriate description of the moonbats among us. There are so many examples, daily, of the hypocrite^2 and most have a similar root cause. Liberals can't stand freedom of speech when that speech is in direct opposition to their superior enlightened position, and especially when that speech is heard by millions. It's amazing that both ends of the liberal spectrum, from spike inserting tree huggers to your Prius driver, partake in the hypocrite^2 free speech ridiculousness. The various from-another-planet political waste of time that went on in my neighboring San Francisco recently has presented a nice example. Bill O'Reilly should be fired for his exercising free speech! Funny how liberals can (without evidence...oh wait, well I have no evidence but I just know if we had the real Bush NGuard memos it would be true) can make outlandish claims about Bush and his administration with vitriol and profanity and there is no outrage. You can ask for an apology when it might be over the top, but a topical talk/tv hosts job is in fact to use their speech to ask tough questions, to offer up their and differing opinions, to enable a good (and for ratings) and interesting debate. Just as long as everyone likes vanilla!

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