Friday, November 04, 2005

The Right Stuff

In today's WSJ Review & Outlook section the Terror's Mouthpiece gives an example of what I think is a systemic issue in the Democratic party, namely aiding and abetting the enemy! You see, Rumsfeld (who of course is hated by the press and Dems to the point of foaming at the mouth) is looking to have Dorrance Smith confirmed as the new assistant secretary of defense for public affairs. But this is opposed by Sen. Carl Levin (D., Mich.) because Levin claims Smith was unfair in asking tough questions about the US media and the government of Qatar (the money sponsor) and their relationship with terrorist friendly al-Jazeera in a piece he wrote for the WSJ in April. The questions Smith raises and the kind of action one who raises them would likely take as part of the defense department is exactly the kind of people we want in these jobs. As far as I'm concerned to criticize these questions, to not join in wanting the answers, to not want to stop the networks from being al-Jazeera's and the terrorist pawn, is treasonous. Those on the left however want you to see our chopper shot down and its wounded pilot shot in the head. They believe it will help you hate Bush. Making this about Bush is treasonous as you help our enemy in their cause. This is not about one man! Bush didn't create radical Muslim Islamic inhuman blood thirsty sick fu**'s who cut the heads off of little catholic school girls (ya, how much of that story did you here in the MSM?). You're either with us or you're with them!

Update: Joe Biden apparently agrees with me that many Dems are less than patriotic. A few days ago, along with other meanderings, he told a small heavily Democratic crowd that Democrats have become elitist. He noted that some Democrats have questioned why he wears an American flag on his lapel. “We’ve become disconnected from where we grew up,” Biden said. “The Republicans, because of our distance, they have convinced a lot of people we ain’t one of them.”

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